Bulk Bag Unloader Showcased at PTXi Texas

Spiroflow Systems will exhibit a bulk bag unloader, aero mechanical conveyor and bin activator at the PTXi Texas Show in Houston, TX on October 13-14, 2015.  Visitors can visit the company in booth #113 with their regional representatives, Approtec Ran Le.

Spiroflow will exhibit the T5 'low loading' bulk bag unloader that is designed to empty bulk bags in process areas with restricted headroom.  The T5 bulk bag unloader is coupled directly to a flexible screw or other suitable conveyor which meters ingredients from the bag either volumetrically or by weight.  Ingredients can then be fed directly to mixing or other process equipment to provide a fully automatic ingredient unloading, proportioning and transfer system.  The height of the access door has been designed to receive material from small bags, which is particularly beneficial to processors who have switched over to bulk bags, but still continue to receive minor ingredients in 50 lb bags.  Processors with batching operations may choose to have several bag frames for use with one discharge station, allowing them to partially empty, re-tie and store bulk bags.

Features of the T5 bulk bag unloader include a removable top frame, a dust-tight spring loaded docking seal, a bag tensioner to ensure total emptying, an integral conveyor or feeder, and dust control.  Available options include loss-in-weight batch control, bag massagers to aid flow, Spiroflow's patented bag spout closure bars for easy, dust-free untying and re-tying of bags, a mobile frame, a bag dump door, and/or a hygienic liner clamp.

Talk with our sales executives to learn about the best bulk bag unloader design for your application. Spiroflow offers 11 different models that range from simple support frames, to loss-in-weight, single trip, low head room, integral hoist, multi-unloader, total containment, dairy, and pharmaceutical designs.

Spiroflow will also exhibit their Aeroflow® aero mechanical conveyor (AMC), one of the most efficient methods of conveying materials due to its low energy and high throughput properties.  AMCs provide total batch transfer and are dust free due to their enclosed design. They are sealed conveying systems that should be considered for applications conveying a multitude of materials from pellets, granules and flakes to ultra fine powders.  Because AMCs convey materials at any angle from 0° to 90° without loss of capacity, their range of configurations is limitless. This enables the widest choice of system layout options using standard components to optimize available factory space. This type of conveyor can transfer such a wide variety of materials that it is ideal for food products and chemicals in powdered or granular form. Aeroflow aero mechanical conveyors are designed and custom-built for the conveying application.

Spiroflow will demonstrate their adjustable bin activator which controls the discharge of powders and granules.  Whether the material comes from a silo or a bulk material handling system, Spiroflow's bin activator effectively alleviates material bridging while controlling flow rates.

Spiroflow's bin activator promotes material flow via vibration and regulates the flow of solids with blades that close quickly and effectively.  The bin activator feeder has blades that are fully adjustable for accurate and repeatable control of solids flow.  Energy is imparted directly into the solids by the vibrating blades to maintain flow and the unloader control valve provides close tolerance blades for positive shut-off of solids flow.  An optional flow promoter can be included to induce the flow of difficult materials.

Units are offered in standard 12 or 24 inch sizes but other sizes are available. Bin activators are made of carbon or stainless steel and can be controlled manually or electronically. As with the company's complete line of bulk material handling equipment, Spiroflow engineers evaluate each customer's particular application and can make accurate and dependable equipment recommendations.

Spiroflow offers a complete range of bulk material handling equipment including bulk bag unloaders and Spirofil™ bulk bag fillers, flexible screw conveyors, Aeroflow® aero mechanical conveyors, Cableflow® tubular cable drag conveyors, Dynaflow® tubular chain drag conveyors, auxiliary powder handling equipment as well as end of line case packing, carton loading, palletizing and robotic palletizing solutions.

Primary markets include the food, dairy, snack food, confectionery, beverage, pet food, pharmaceutical, packaging, industrial, chemical, plastics, minerals, cement, environmental, waste, and recycling.

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