Bulk Bag Filler works without assistance of forklift.

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Low-Loading C1-2 loads powder or granular product material into various sizes of bulk bags. Bag filling process has 6 steps. Operator places pallet on filler base and positions bulk bag on horizontal filler arms. Bag neck is placed in inflatable filler spout and tightened for dust free operation. Operator fills bag to weight or volume requirements. Low-profile filling base and detachable ramp allow easy access by pallet jack operators.

Original Press Release:

Spiroflow Systems Introduces Cost Effective Low Loading Bulk Bag Filling Station

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA---Spiroflow Systems, Inc. announces the newly designed cost-effective Low-Loading Bulk Bag Filler for use without the assistance of a forklift.

Spiroflow's new C1-2 Low Loading Bulk Bag Filler is used for loading powder or granular product material into various sizes of bulk bags for storage or easy transportation. The unit is designed for use with a pallet jack as opposed to the usual forklift operation.

The bulk bag filling process has six main steps. The operator places a pallet on the filler base and then positions a bulk bag on the horizontal filler arms. Then the bag neck is placed in the inflatable filler spout and is tightened for dust free operation. Once this occurs the operator then fills the bag using specified weight or volume requirements. The last step, which usually involves the use of a forklift, is to remove the filled bag.

The C1-2 has a specialized low profile filling base and detachable ramp for easy access by pallet jack operators. The vibrator (option) is mounted on the top of the platform near the 2-post base. The use of a forklift is negated, thus decreasing cost to fill the bulk bags by decreasing operations cost. Adjustable arms are offered for multiple sized bulk bags and a venturi attachment is available for facility-supplied dust collection.

The new filler has available options such as gain-in-weight load cells, bulk bag liner inflation, adjustable arms for multiple size bags, and a newly designed pneumatic neck seal inflation which makes filling bulk bags virtually dust free. Spiroflow is a worldwide supplier of a wide range of both standard and custom powder handling equipment, specializing in Bulk Bag Dischargers and Fillers, Mechanical, Flexible, and Pneumatic Conveyors, and Bag Packing equipment.

Located in the Charlotte area since 1991, Spiroflow Systems, Inc. is a subsidiary Spiroflow-UK, located in Clitheroe, Lancashire, England which has been in the dry bulk material handling business for over 30 years.

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