Bucket Blade Scraper is made of 100% recycled rubber.

Press Release Summary:

Rubber Bucket Blade Scraper uses adjustable-slide channel, allowing heavy-equipment operators to adjust position of bolts within channel to match existing bolt pattern on plow. Rubber sections, reinforced with tough plies of nylon and steel, are compressed onto 1¼ in. steel rod and secured every 12 in. using flatbar retaining plates. Adjustable heel pads help level scraper and extend life of front edge.

Original Press Release:

New Bucket Blade Scraper, Made from Recycled Rubber, Uses Slide-Channel for Easy Installation

A rubber bucket scraper that uses an innovative adjustable-slide channel makes installation a snap. The new product was introduced recently by Schuyler Rubber Company of Woodinville, Wash.

The easy-slide channel allows heavy-equipment operators to adjust the position of the bolts within the channel to match the existing bolt pattern on the plow. The bolts slide into the channel quickly and easily, eliminating the hassle of trying to line up fixed bolts.

The Schuyler rubber bucket scraper is the only scraper on the market that uses 100 percent recycled rubber from truck and bus tires. The rubber sections, reinforced with tough plies of
nylon and steel, are compressed onto a one-and-one-quarter inch steel rod and secured every 12 inches using flatbar retaining plates. This unique one-piece construction eliminates gaps and
enhances the scraper's durability.

The nylon and steel-reinforced rubber virtually eliminates any chipping and cracking. Adjustable heel pads help level the scraper and further extend the life of its front edge.

The product's easy installation, durability and recycled content have led to immediate interest by solid waste stations and recycling centers in the Puget Sound area. All county-owned front-loaders in Snohomish County, Wash., for example, were recently outfitted with the Schuyler rubber bucket scraper.

Schuyler Rubber Company, founded in 1950, is the country's largest laminated rubber manufacturer. In addition to making the new rubber bucket scraper, the company manufactures custom marine fenders for docks, tugs, barges and workboats as well as many other impact absorption products, such as ballast collars for traffic barriers, wheel chocks, loading dock bumpers and blasting mats. The company holds two patents for its designs of marine fenders.

Schuyler Rubber recycles up to 500 truck tires a day. The company re-uses 100 percent of the steel-belted tires that come into its facility and about 90 percent of the bias-ply tires. Unused tire scraps from the company's trimming operations are sent to another local manufacturer which produces crumb rubber used to make a variety of other products.

Because of its commitment to using recycled materials, Schuyler Rubber Company was selected to become a partner in the LinkUp program, sponsored by the King County, Wash., Department of Natural Resources and Parks. LinkUp provides assistance to manufacturers that use recycled materials in the products they make.

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