Bubble Detector tests for hermetic seal leaks.

Press Release Summary:

Model 1014-CBL Bubble Detection System exceeds MIL-STD requirements for Gross Leak Testing of Microelectronic Components per MIL-STD-883, Method 1014, Test Condition C. Thermo-Barrier chill ring with extended free-board eliminates indicator fluid loss. Internal auto/manual filtration system achieves 0.45 micron results. Magnifying lens provides 1.5x magnification using bezel mounted lens. Unit is 12 x 22 x 17 in. and is circuit breaker protected.

Original Press Release:

1014-CBL Gross Leak Bubble Detection System for Microelectronic Hermetic Seal Testing Applications

InterTest presents the Model 1014-CBL Bubble Detection System, designed specifically to exceed all MIL-STD requirements for Gross Leak Testing of Microelectronic Components per MIL-STD-883, Method 1014, Test Condition C.

MICROPROCESSOR CONTROL The microprocessor configuration and software allow the various functions of the Bubble Detection System to be accurately monitored and executed. Every function, from filtration to time of test, is precisely monitored.

FC :SAVER CHASSIS The Model 1014-CBL is designed to save thousands of dollars of Fluorinert fluid in the first year of use. The unit is fully enclosed. Specially designed Thermo-Barrier chill ring with an extended free-board eliminates costly indicator fluid loss problems associated with competitive bubble detection systems.

AUTOMATIC INTERNAL FILTRATION To further eliminate costly indicator fluid losses due to handling and spillage, the Model 1014-CBL provides an internal integrated auto/manual filtration system. Filtration to 0.45 micron nominal is achieved, which exceeds MIL-STD requirements.

INTEGRAL BUILT-IN MAGNIFICATION Magnification of devices under test is accomplished by means of a bezel mounted magnifying lens covering the entire view port area. This built-in magnifying lens provides 1.5X minimum magnification of entire test area.

SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions Weight Power Electrical

FLUID TANK Fluid Capacity Structure View Port Thermo-Barrier

FILTRATION Modes Pump Capacity Filter Element

CONTROLS Temperature Test Timer Heaters Illumination

HI-INTENSITY DUAL ILLUMINATION The test area illumination is accomplished by a twin set of hi-intensity lamps. The measured illumination in the test area is greater than 18,000 foot candles which exceeds MIL-STD requirements.

DIGITAL TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER Accurate temperature control is achieved through a digital pyrometer, using a high precision platinum RTD sensor. This sub-system is easy to calibrate; having front panel set point resolution to 0.1°C.

TWIN HEAVY DUTY BAR HEATER ELEMENTS Heat is applied to the indicator fluid with twin heavy duty 350 watt bar type heater elements, for efficient bath heating to MIL-STD operating temperatures.

OFFSHORE UTILITY The rugged construction and careful selection of heavy duty components guarantees extremely long and trouble free operation in tough production environments, with little or no maintenance.

12 MONTH WARRANTY The Model 1014-CBL is warranted for twelve months including all purchased system components. 12" high x 22" long x 17" deep 65 pounds 115 VAC, single phase, 10A, 50/60 Hz. All circuit breaker protected (no fuses) 2.12 U.S. gallons Electropolished stainless steel Hi-Density pyrex glass Electropolished stainless steel chill ring Manual internal, auto-timed internal 4 GPM 0.45 micron nominal Dual membrane, hi-capacity Digital pyrometer, dual setpoint 30/60 second microprocessor controlled Temperature indicator switch
(ON/OFF) Illumination indicator switch (ON/OFF)

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