BTU Block (TM) NEW Enhancments

Thermal Ceramics is pleased to announce an enhancement to our industrial microporous product line, BTU-BLOCK(TM). Through our continuous improvements, the BTU-BLOCK industrial microporous products have undergone standardization in both the formulation and manufacturing process to ensure consistency and maintain the already superior quality of the product line.

Unlike traditional ceramic based insulation, BTU-BLOCK microporous insulation is based on ultra-fine particles of fumed silica, metal oxides and reinforcement fibers. This formulation creates a sub-micron pore structure which limits the convection of air, conduction of heat, and transmission of radiation. BTU-BLOCK is designed to provide ultra-low thermal properties throughout the temperature range. Benefits include:
  • Reduce Energy Waste
  • Reduce Temperature Variability
  • Reduce Insulation Thickness
  • Reduce Cold Face Temperatures

    Thermal Ceramics designs, manufactures and install a wide variety of engineering solutions using our world-renowned insulation products. Our clients use these solutions to dramatically reduce energy consumption in their processes and in many applications reduce damaging emissions to the environment. For additional information visit

    Wendy Evans
    Marketing Communications
    Thermal Ceramics Americas

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