Brushless Motors utilize neodymium magnets.

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Electronically commutated, Maxon EC-max Motors include Hall effect sensors, which provide feedback to control electronics. By assembling motor with coils outside rotor, heat dissipation and high overload capability is attained. Motors have stainless steel housing and vary in diameter from 16-40 mm with lengths from 24-88 mm. Continuous output power is 5-120 W, while maximum speed is 20,000 rpm. Ambient temperature range is -40 to 100°C.

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MAXON PRECISION MOTORS' Brushless Motors with Neodymium Magnets Provide Cost-Effective High Performance

The new Maxon "EC-max" series of brushless motors deliver the performance and lifetime of a brushless motor, but at a reduced cost due to improved automated manufacturing processes. The motors are electronically commutated, thus enabling extremely long motor life, since there are simply no mechanical brushes to wear out. Hall effect sensors are built in to the motor in order to provide feedback to the control electronics. By assembling the motor such that the coils are outside the rotor, good heat dissipation and high overload capability is attained.

The motors have a stainless steel housing and vary in diameter from 16 to 40 mm (0.63 to 1.57 in) while the length ranges from 24 to 88 mm (0.94 to 3.46 in). Continuous output power is from 5 to 120 watts, while maximum speed is up to 20,000 RPM. Ambient temperature range is -40° to 100° C (-40° to 212° F). Utilizing high-energy neodymium magnets results in a very responsive mechanical time constant of as low as 5 ms, while minimizing overall size. Using electronic commutation allows for minimum electrical noise. Motors are offered with several different windings to optimize desired speed with available voltage. Complementing the motors are gearheads, encoders, brakes, and control electronics.

Due to their high performance and long lifetime, Maxon's EC-max motors are well suited for a variety of applications including automation, bio-medical devices, pick and place machines, robotics, pumps, and semiconductor manufacturing.

Maxon designs, manufactures, and markets fractional horsepower moving coil DC motors & brushless motors ranging in size from 6 to 90 mm (0.2 to 3.5 in) and from 0.03 to 500 watts. We also have an extensive selection of gearheads, encoders, and control electronics to complement our motors.

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