Brushless Motors suit respiratory support equipment.

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Weighing 94 g and providing 50 W of power at up to 73,000 rpm, 22 mm Brushless Motors operate at 25°C with 55 dB noise level, and provide inertia as low as 2.3 x 10-7 kmg². Internal design cuts motor length and minimizes vibration. Featuring slotless technology, motors help maximize comfort of patients using Bi-Level respirators.

Original Press Release:

Portescap's New 22mm Brushless Motors Ideally Suited for Use in Compact Respiratory Support Equipment

WEST CHESTER, PA - Portescap, a Danaher Motion company, introduces 22mm Brushless Motors. These motors weigh 94 grams and provide 50 watts of power at up to 73,000 rpm. They operate at a cool 25ºC and quiet 55 dB noise level, and promise Inertia as low as 2.3 x 10-7 kmg2 - a 10% inertia reduction compared to previous, similarly sized motors from Portescap. Additionally, a new internal design reduces motor length by 10% and vibration by as much as a 400%.

"Portescap's new 22mm brushless motors with slotless technology are a perfect complement to our 16mm models, and are an ideal solution for maximizing the comfort of patients who use Bi-Level respirators," says Dave Beckstoffer, Portescap Product Manager.

Slotless motor technology provides fast acceleration and deceleration due to low inertia and a low mechanical time constant.

About Portescap
Portescap products have been solving diverse motion control needs in medical, semiconductor, HVAC, aerospace and commercial applications for more than 70 years. Portescap offers the broadest miniature and specialty motor product line in the industry, encompassing brush DC, brushless DC, stepper can stack, geared, digital linear actuators, disc magnet and hybrid technology. Portescap has manufacturing centers in the United States, Malaysia, and India and utilizes a Global Product Development network with research and development centers in the United States, Singapore, and Switzerland.

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