Brushless Motors - More Compact, Yet More Powerful!

To complement its current range, Crouzet offers 5 new motor sizes and 2 new gearboxes, thus creating 14 new geared motor combinations.

Launched in December 2009, these new part numbers make the offer even more flexible: more power, more torque, more compact, more control... and less noise! A variety of mechatronics assemblies tailored to the needs of integrators and OEMs.

Introduced in the early 2000s, the Crouzet range of Brushless motors has until now consisted of motors with 57 mm round or square cross-sections and a power rating between 40 and 150 W, designed to go with a choice of gearboxes with 5 to 10 Nm nominal torque (reduction ratios up to 1/2,000) and various types of control electronics. «To meet market requirements, we decided to expand the existing offer», points out Michel Nicol, Product Manager of the Motors Business Unit.

Expansion in a number of directions

By introducing these new motor sizes, new gearboxes and custom control
electronics, Crouzet has tripled the number of Brushless geared motor part numbers
which can be created to suit customers' requirements.

The new features concern:

o Power: the motor with 86 mm square cross-section delivers 205 W. It therefore
extends the limits of the range and allows us to compete with 230 V asynchronous
motors. The range is now suitable for applications in the machine tools sector (worm
gear), power supplies for moulding machines, conveyor belts, etc.

The extra-low voltage supply also meets the needs expressed in the access control
sector. The 24 VDC voltage also makes it easier to supply motors built into batterypowered mobile applications (motorised trolleys, robots, etc.). However, Crouzet
Brushless motors can be supplied with a voltage up to 75 V. So their power can be
increased proportionally.

o Torque: the new adaptable worm gearbox with the 205 W motor (86 mm wide)
delivers a nominal torque of 20 Nm. Thanks to the range of planetary gearboxes
proposed, the torque can be as much as 120 Nm. The 86 mm motor itself is capable
of delivering 1.5 Nm continuous, directly at the shaft output! For some applications
this makes it possible to do without the gearbox, thus increasing service life and
reducing the cost of the function.

o Noise level: the motors with 42 mm (25 to 100 W) and 86 mm (205 W) square
cross-section have a rotor with 8 poles (rather than the usual 4), which means that due
to the onboard control electronics, the nominal speed of the motor can be halved,
thus reducing the noise level. This feature is critical for applications in the medical
sector and in office automation. The addition of worm gearboxes or use of the «low
noise» option on the planetary gearboxes are ideal for these applications.

o Compact size: A new 28 mm diameter tubular motor is a direct response to the
needs for integration in compact machines or sub-assemblies. It delivers power of
17.5 W.

o Control electronics: part of the market is currently asking for motors without
integrated electronics. «This is why we've also chosen to design two external electronics systems; one better suited to use in production and the other more suited to tests conducted by our customers», adds Michel Nicol.

The BDE30 electronics lends itself to quick assembly using connectors. It is optimised
to prevent any wiring errors. The BDE40 model is suitable for prototypes, tests
and pre-production, conducted by integrators. It can work on batteries, from 12 to
36 V and deliver 14 A. These two part numbers control the speed, torque and motor
braking . They can take bespoke programs and thus integrate functions relating to
the machine, without additional cost.

«Turnkey» sub-assembly
The expanded Brushless motors offer (21 standard families from 17.5 to 205 W and up
to 120 Nm), combined with 25 years of expertise in the field of hardware and software
adaptations, allows Crouzet to cut its lead times for delivery of a customised motor +
gearbox + electronics sub-assembly. This helps integrators and OEMs reduce the
time to market for their machines.

Which applications?
The extent of the range of Crouzet Brushless motors and their capacity to blend into an
integrated mechatronics assembly, opens the way to numerous applications. «Expansion
of the range is aimed at professional equipment for static functions such as motorised
opening of a valve, or dynamic functions requiring speed, efficiency, power and quality
in the Motion Control field», says Philippe Ginss, Marketing Manager.

Brushless motors, with their associated control-command (whether built-in or not,
such as Crouzet's Millenium 3 logic controller), are mainly targeted at the following

o Medical machines (dialysis machines, analysers, medical imaging, physiotherapy
equipment, sterilisers, etc.)
o Renewable heat and energy systems (control of gas or water micro-valves, power
supply for wood pellet boilers, orientable solar panels)
o Industrial process machines (offset printing, papermaking, plastic injection
moulding, food processing, etc.)
o Public relations and advertising (automated scrolling advertising signs)
o Access control (automatic doors in buildings, lifts, rolling stock, industrial
high-speed doors)
o Oil, gas, nuclear (motorisation of valves for fluids in severe environments)
o Other professional equipment (automatic pool cleaners, artificial snow making,
postal sorting, machines for agriculture, etc.)

20,000 hour service life
Crouzet Brushless motors all incorporate ball bearings and are designed for a life of more than 20,000 hours.

(NB: The power ratings mentioned in this press release are given for a 24 VDC power

Press Contact
Crouzet Automatismes
Laëtitia Martin-Berne
Communication Manager

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