Brushless Motor works in direct drive applications.

Press Release Summary:

High torque, direct drive brushless motor is 17 in. in diameter, 9 in. long, can be directly mounted onto 4.5 in. shaft, or can be provided with shaft output. Motor has peak torque output of 2,685 lb-ft and continuous RMS torque rating of 264 lb-ft. Cooling provisions can be made to increase continuous RMS rating. Maximum acceleration is 12,000 radians/sec squared. Options include 400 hp drive, sinusoidal or digital encoders, hall devices, and resolvers.

Original Press Release:

Powertec Industrial Motors Announces New Motor

Rock Hill, SC. Powertec Industrial Motors, a subsidiary of Peerless-Winsmith, Inc., announces a new high torque, direct drive brushless motor. The first of a series of motors to be used for direct drive has been produced and is now available. The first motor is 17 inches in diameter and is only 9 inches long and can be directly mounted onto a 4.5 inch shaft, or can be provided with a shaft output. Shaft mount provides the stiffest possible machine mounting. The motor has a peak torque output of 2685 lb.-ft. (3640 Nm) and a continuous RMS torque rating of 264 lb.ft. (358Nm) in the totally enclosed configuration that is standard. Special cooling provisions can be made to increase the continuous RMS rating. Rotor inertia is 0.1757 lb.-ft.-sec2 providing a maximum acceleration rate of 12 thousand radians per second squared!

The motor comes standard with a Hiedenhain sinusoidal encoder, providing the equivalent of more than 1 million ppr effective resolution. The motor can be provided for any available voltage from 160 vdc bus to 700 vdc bus.

Powertec can also provide the Flexmax Brushless drive to run the motor. This is a high performance brushless drive available up to 400 hp and will run with sinusoidal encoders, digital encoders, hall devices, or resolvers for feedback.

For additional information, contact Powertec at, visit the website at, or by mail at Powertec Industrial Motors, Inc., 2606 Eden Terrace, Rock Hill, SC 29730.

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