Brushless DC Motors run quietly at high speeds.

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Silencer(TM) BN34 and BN23, in 34 and 23 frame sizes, respectively, have aluminum housings to protect motors in tough environments. BN34 has speeds up to 20,000 rpm. Compact motor suits applications requiring low audible noise, long life and high torque. High-energy version BN23 offers continuous torque ratings up to 70 oz-in. Powerful rare earth magnets produce over 40 MGOe. Options include encoders, gearheads, resolvers, and sensorless feedback.

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BLACKSBURG, Va. -- March 25, 2002 -- Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE: NOC) today announced it has expanded its line of high-performance Silencer(TM) brushless DC motors to include a higher speed version in the 34 frame size (BN34) and a higher energy version in the 23 frame size (BN23). Both motors were developed by Poly-Scientific, a business unit of the company's Component Technologies sector.

The high speed BN34 offers speeds up to 20,000 rpm and provides quiet, efficient and smooth operation. The compact motor design is targeted for applications that require low audible noise, long life and high torque. An aluminum housing protects the unit in rugged application environments. The motor's inside rotor construction allows for quick acceleration and high speeds. Increased speeds make this motor ideal for centrifuge applications and high speed fans and pumps.

The Silencer(TM) high energy BN23 offers continuous torque ratings up to 70 oz-in. An aluminum finned housing protects the unit in rugged applications and environments and facilitates heat dissipation from the motor. Its compact, high energy design utilizes powerful rare earth magnets with an energy product in excess of 40 MGOe and is excellent for applications that require low audible noise, long life and high torque. Higher power in a smaller package allows the end user to step into a smaller frame size, which is often a prime consideration when space restraints are crucial to a design.

Typical applications include medical equipment, packaging machines and semiconductor handling applications.

The Silencer(TM) motor line has continuous torque ratings from 2.4 to 519 oz-in. and provides quiet, efficient and smooth operation. Options include: encoders, gearheads, resolver and sensorless feedback. The brushless motors are matched with the Silencer(TM) drives for best system performance.

Poly-Scientific is a business unit of Northrop Grumman's Component Technologies sector, and a world leader in innovative solutions for motion technology, optical components and electronic systems with unique design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities. Motion product lines include motors, drives, resolvers, slip rings, actuators and advanced electromechanical assemblies. Optical components include crystals for use in solid-state laser systems, specialty crystals and microchip laser devices. Electronic products include MEMS based fiber optic switches, fiber optic modems, hybrid electronic and avionic products. Poly-Scientific is headquartered in Blacksburg, Va., with operations in Charlotte and Murphy, NC, Springfield, PA and Brno, Czech Republic.

Northrop Grumman Component Technologies is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of high performance electronic and optical components and materials to the telecommunications, networking, industrial, medical and military markets. Headquartered in Iselin, NJ, Component Technologies is comprised of seven business units which includes Interconnect Technologies, Kester, Life Support, Poly-Scientific, Precision Products International, VEAM and Winchester Electronics. The sector has over 4,000 employees, with technical sales offices in 28 countries and operations in 18 countries.

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