Brushless DC Motor has integrated electronic controller.

Press Release Summary:

Totally enclosed in all-aluminum case, TAM58-2E Industrial Series motors conform to IP44 construction and NEMA Size 23 mounting standards. Motors work well in damp, dusty and harsh environments, and have maintenance-free ball bearings. They are suitable for use in applications such as automated conveyor systems, bar code labeling, printing, pumps, valves and machine tools. Rated torque ranges from 22 oz-in @ 2895 rpm to 42 oz-in @ 2975 rpm.

Original Press Release:

Thomson Airpax Mechatronics Introduces New High-Efficiency, Constant Speed Brushless DC Motors With Integrated Electronic Controller

Totally enclosed in an all-aluminum case, the TAM58-2E-"Industrial Series" motors conform to the IP44 construction as well as the NEMA Size 23 mounting standards. Because they work well in damp, dusty and harsh environments and are designed with maintenance-free ball bearings for long life and high reliability, they are ideal for use in industrial applications, e.g., automated conveyor systems, bar code labeling, printing, pumps, valves, machine tools, and agricultural equipment.

Rated torque for the TAM58-2E - "Industrial Series" ranges from 22 oz-in (157 mNm) @ 2895 rpm to 42 oz-in (295 mNm) @ 2975 rpm, and weight ranges from 1.70 lbs (0.77kg) to 2.10 lbs (0.953kg).

Other features include:
* A patented 5 volt square wave output tachometer that delivers 45 pulses/rev as low as 100 rpm without distortion. Motor speeds can be controlled precisely from 100 rpm up to no load speed.
* A single 24V DC power supply that controls the motor and on-board electronics. A separate built-in 5V DC @ 9OmA power supply is available to drive the user's external electronics circuitry, when precise closed loop or a single potentiometer operation is required.
* Peak current limit protects electronics circuitry.
* Electronic fuse protects electronics and motor from excessive overloads.
* Below speed shutdown allows motor to be shut off if speed falls below improper range.

Unit pricing in 500 piece quantities starts at $69.26 for Model #58MD098024-2E.

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