Brown Machine Advances Lip Rolling of PP and PLA Materials

Beaverton, MI - Brown Machine LLC announces major advancements in the curling of
thermoformed drink or container lips...specifically those formed from more economical
polypropylene or environmentally-friendly PLA materials. First introduced in 2000, the LR-2000 and LR-2000S Lip Rollers have been very well accepted in production environments around the world-with another 15+ units shipped in 2005 and on target to exceed that level in 2006.

Brown Process Engineers have invested numerous hours both within our lab and inplant
production applications understanding the process requirements to lip roll products from these on-coming materials. Changes within the equipment coupled with the process
understanding has resulted in the success.

If your product requires lip rolling, the advanced four screw LR-2000S lip roller is
equipped to roll quality containers at high speeds (IE: successfully rolled 7-ounce PP drink cups at over 2,500 cups/minute). Brown Model LR-2000 and LR-2000S Lip Rollers are designed to curl lips on round, thermoplastic containers in size range of 1.5" (38mm) to 5.0" (127mm). The product is fed onto a conveyor belt which delivers the product to the crowd rollers. These rollers spin the stack of parts, feeding them through the oven section to the curling screws and then fed out of the machine.
Patented features within feed roller and curling screw head, coupled with
special oven-heated lip enhancements allows for a larger process window.

A host of available adjustments such as operating speed, temperatures, curling screw
position, crowd roll position, and feed rate can be made while the unit is in operation. Curling screws are designed based on natural roll and forming characteristics of the material.

Brown Lip Rollers are available as stand-alone units or can be incorporated into a fully integrated thermoforming/lip rolling system. Customized transfer conveyors typically feed preformed containers to the lip roller (manual feeding is also used at times). Containers with a common stack height and top lid configuration can be processed (even if they have different diameters) due to the common set of curling screws.

The LR-2000 and LR-2000S Lip Rollers are part of the thermoforming industry's most
comprehensive line of lip rollers including Brown's LR-1 "lab environment machine" and our LR-5 "single screw/entry level machine."

Brown Machine at NPE 2006
Brown Machine will be exhibiting at NPE 2006 at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL, June
19-23, 2006 at booth #S1409 and can answer your questions regarding lip rolling and other thermoforming processes.

On Brown Machine LLC
As a global leader of thermoforming technologies, Brown Machine LLC engineers and
builds a complete standard line of continuous and cut-sheet thermoforming equipment and
related tooling/peripheral equipment. Specialty thermoforming systems suited to a wide range of markets (including automotive, recreational, packaging, appliance and various other industrial segments) can be custom built to exact customer specifications. Brown Machine fully supports the thermoforming industry (Brown machine owners and competitive models, as well) with a full complement of 24/7/365 on-call service and parts support.

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