Broaching Attachments machine military parts.

Press Release Summary:

With HexMaster(TM) Rotary Broaching Attachments, users can machine Hex, Double Hex, and other ID and OD shapes in seconds on most CNC lathes, mills, or screw machines with feed rates up to .012 ipr and speeds to 2,000 rpm. Attachments are suited for manufacturing military fasteners and defense parts.

Original Press Release:

Defense Contractors Win More Bids Broaching Complex Forms In-House

Defense is still a growth industry. HexMaster(TM) Rotary Broaching Attachments allow any shop to bid on more difficult work while keeping costs low- allowing contractors to win more bids. Machine Hex, Double Hex, and other ID and OD shapes in seconds on most any CNC lathe, mill or screw machine.

The Army, Navy, Air Force and many other government agencies consume vast quantities of parts every day. They're looking for manufacturers who can machine high quality parts quickly, cheaply and accurately. Many of these parts have ID or OD hexes, double hexes or other shapes which cannot be machined quickly (or at all) using conventional tooling. HexMaster(TM) Rotary Broaching Attachments machine these shapes in seconds, at feed rates up to .012 IPR and speeds up to 2,000 RPM. These attachments are ideal for manufacturing thousands of military fasteners and defense parts. For more information, or to receive your FREE ENGINEER'S GUIDE TO ROTARY BROACHING, contact David at Schlitter Tool: 1-800-521-1743 ext. 12, or email Distributor inquiries welcome.

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