Brightness Enhancement Films optimize backlit LCDs.

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Available in 11 x 11, 17 x 17, and 24.25 x 24.25 in. sizes, 3M Vikuiti™ Brightness Enhancement Films contain prismatic structures which refract light output from backlight. Light refracting prism angle is fixed at 90°, and prism pitches of 50 µm and 24 µm are available. Single 3M BEF sheet increases brightness of display by up to 60%, and placing 2 sheets at right angles to one another results in 120% increase. Flexible films adapt to wide range of substrates including glass and acrylic.

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Brightness Enhancement Film for LCD Displays Increases Brightness by up to 120%

Reading, PA – American Polarizers Inc. (API), a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of polarized filters and other optical products, has expanded its product offering with 3M 3M Vikuiti™ Brightness Enhancement Films (3M BEF). A single 3M BEF sheet increases the brightness of backlit LCD displays by up to 60%. Placing two sheets at right angles to one another results in up to a 120% brightness increase. Additionally, 3M BEF films promote power savings and thermal management.

3M BEF films contain prismatic structures which refract the light output from the backlight. The prisms send the light back into the LCD. The recycled light then passes out again through the display toward the viewer thereby compressing the light output to achieve the brightness gain. Managing the angular output of light in this manner also reduces power consumption that would otherwise be needed to boost backlight brightness. Electrical design engineers desiring to maintain low power drain levels will find 3M BEF films not only minimize power usage but also reduce heat build up helping to make devices safer and practical for a broader range of applications.

As a value added distributor, API offers the brightness enhancing films custom sized and shaped for specific customer needs. "We use either dies or high accuracy laser cutting equipment to deliver the 3M BEF films in virtually any shape no matter how intricate," said API President Nick Bentley. Bentley said that API will also laminate 3M BEF film to glass or acrylic. "We have customers who make components like the touchscreens you see in CNC machines and other panels for operator interface. We can take a shipment of touchscreens, for example, apply a custom sized and shaped 3M BEF film, and return the screens for final assembly. And we do it without creating any production flow problems for our customers." 

3M BEF films are regularly used to improve display brightness in a wide range of electronics including cell phones, notebooks, gaming stations, medical equipment, retail signature capture screens, kiosk displays and digital signage. "The brightness films are useful anywhere electronic displays are used," said Bentley, "in particular aerospace and automotive applications where weight, heat build up and power use must be minimized."

3M BEF films are available in a variety of standard sheet sizes including, but not limited to, 11” x 11”, 17” x 17” and 24.25” x 24.25” as well as custom sizes. Films may be ordered with a specific pitch to meet specific application needs for a greater or lesser brightness effect. The light refracting prism angle in 3M BEF films is fixed at 90 degrees while two different prism pitches are available -- 50 micrometer and 24 micrometer. The prism pitch is the distance between the peaks of adjacent prisms. A larger pitch refracts more light causing a brighter display. The film is flexible and adapts to a wide range of substrates including glass and acrylic. 3M BEF brightness enhancing films may also be placed between glass or acrylic sheets to accommodate different requirements for mounting and durability.

American Polarizers is a Benjamin Franklin Technology Partners Innovation Award winner. A leading global manufacturer of innovative optical technology since 1960, American Polarizers supplies polarizing materials and products for a wide range of applications including aerospace/aviation, imaging, inspection/identification, medical/biomedical, nondestructive testing, quality control and test and measurement. For more information about 3M Brightness Enhancement Films, contact American Polarizers Inc., 141 South Seventh St., Reading PA 19602. Tel: 610-373-5177. Fax: 610-373-2229. email Web:

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