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McPherson, Inc. (Chelmsford, MA USA,) a manufacturer of vacuum compatible instrumentation for measuring wavelengths of light, received a contract from the Chinese HL-2A Tokamak at the Southwestern Institute of Physics (ChengDu, China.) Under this contract, McPherson produced and delivered a vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) spectrometer to a research group led by Dr. Zhengying Cui, who leads efforts in VUV diagnostics of the fusion research program at HL-2A.

The research group uses the McPherson VUV spectrometer system to diagnose the tokamak fusion plasma in the 30nm to 180nm region to learn more about spectral features related to carbon and oxygen emission. The group will also study metal ions of iron, titanium and aluminum. The quantitative presence of these elements influences fusion events and indicates contamination of the plasma vessel.

The VUV spectrometer is equipped to allow novel experiments in simultaneous spectral and spatial data collection. With planned future augmentation, it allows studies of temporal characteristics of the plasma. The instrument permits the research team to utilize progressively shorter wavelengths in higher energy regions.

The McPherson system measures wavelengths as short as 3*10^-8 meters and permits characterization of light frequency, intensity and lifetime of events.

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