BRB-900A Blocking Tester meets ASTM D3354 standards.

Press Release Summary:

BRB-900A Blocking Tester is designed for measuring the undesired static adhesion between plastic layers and for film and sheet blocking spot checks. Unit features onboard display and a magnetic clamp for securely holding in its position. Product’s variables are electronically monitored that increases measurement accuracy and repeatability. The unit offers a digital force resolution to 0.1 g and uses mechanical balancing system.

Original Press Release:

Introducing the New Blocking Tester

A High Performance Blocking Tester for Film Blocking Load Measurement

The BRB-900A Blocking Tester - economical, easy-to use, for film and sheet blocking spot checks and quality control. Digital force resolution to 0.1 gram.

The BRB-900A was designed to measure the undesired static adhesion which can exist between layers of certain types of plastic films. The BRB utilizes a compact mechanical balancing system that incrementally adds weight equivalent to 90 ml per minute of water. Through use of this system, the BRB is able to increase the precision and speed of blocking tests and meets or exceeds all conditions specified by ASTM D3354. The BRB Tester features a magnetic clamp to securely hold the sample in place, eliminating the need for tape. The force required for separation is shown in tenths of a gram on an onboard display. All variables are monitored electronically to maximize accuracy and repeatability.

Used by producers and converters of plastic films and flexible packaging, bags and pouches. Commonly used in the commodity bag market, such as producers of print bags.


  • Meets ASTM D3354 "Blocking Load by Parallel Plate Method, Procedure A"
  • Electronically measures the unwanted static adhesion between sheets of film
  • Increased speed, accuracy and ease of use versus traditional balance-water method
  • Item No. PT-920801

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