Brass SMT Fasteners enhance PCB electrical, mechanical attachment.

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PEM® ReelFast® brass surface mount fasteners include tin-plated Type SMTSOB™ brass nuts and spacers/standoffs suited for PCB applications requiring optimal electrical and mechanical attachment points. Permanently and concurrently installed with other SMT components on PCBs of any hardness and as thin as .060 in. prior to automated reflow solder process, these corrosion-resistant and conductive products can be used to space or stack boards, mount boards, or attach components.

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New PEM® ReelFast® Brass Surface Mount Fasteners for PC Boards Provide Superior Electrical and Mechanical Attachment Points

New PEM® ReelFast® brass surface mount fasteners from PennEngineering® introduce ideal hardware solutions for printed circuit board applications requiring superior electrical and mechanical attachment points.  These tin-plated Type SMTSOB™ brass nuts and spacers/standoffs install permanently on printed circuit boards in the same manner and at the same time as other surface mount components prior to the automated reflow solder process.  They can serve reliably to space or stack boards, mount boards, and/or attach components.

These fasteners ultimately exhibit greater corrosion resistance and higher conductivity than steel counterparts and their pick-and-place installation delivers key efficiencies and economies.    Among the benefits, the fasteners can reduce the risk of damage to boards (and resulting scrap) typically resulting when conventional fasteners are improperly installed with off-line equipment, minimize the number of loose parts and related handling issues, and promote quicker assembly by eliminating secondary operations during the installation process.

Threaded versions are available in sizes #2-56 through #8-32 and M2 through M4 and thru-hole (non-threaded) types can be specified in sizes .116”, .143”, 3.6mm, and 4.2mm.  Lengths range from .065” to .375” and 2mm to 10mm.   All are designed for use with boards of any hardness and as thin as .060” / 1.53mm.

The fasteners are supplied on tape and reel conforming to industry standards and compatible with existing SMT automated installation equipment.  A polyimide patch affixed to the end of the fastener allows for vacuum pickup.

Detailed specifications, fastener drawings and models, and performance data (Bulletin SMTSOB) for the RoHS-compliant fasteners can be accessed at

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