Brass Inserts for Plastics suit compact electronic assemblies.

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Available in thread sizes from M1 to M1.6, microPEM® Thru-threaded Brass Inserts install permanently in wide range of plastic materials from ABS to polycarbonate, promoting secure attachment for devices such as handheld consumer electronics and medical equipment. Inserts install in either straight or tapered mounting holes and use single mating screw to complete joining process. Installation is achieved by pressing insert into mounting hole using ultrasonic insertion equipment or thermal press.

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PennEngineering Introduces microPEM® Inserts for Plastics Ideally Suited for Compact Electronic Assemblies

New microPEM® thru-threaded brass inserts for plastics introduce ideal fastener solutions to attach components in compact electronic assemblies.  These fasteners with threads as small as M1 install easily and permanently in a wide range of plastic materials from ABS to polycarbonate.  They promote secure and reliable attachment for devices ranging from hand-held consumer electronics to medical equipment, among many others.  A single mating screw completes the joining process.

The microPEM (Type MSIB™) inserts will install in either straight or tapered mounting holes and their symmetrical design saves time during production by eliminating any need for insert orientation prior to installation.

Installation is achieved by pressing the insert into a mounting hole using either ultrasonic insertion equipment or a thermal press.  When installed ultrasonically, the frictional heat caused by the vibration then melts the plastic surrounding the insert and, when the vibration ceases, the plastic solidifies to lock the insert into place.  Use of a thermal press will melt the plastic surrounding the insert to result in permanent installation.

The microPEM inserts are available in thread sizes M1 to M1.6 and in several lengths. They join a growing family of microPEM fastener products and capabilities engineered to help enable smaller and lighter designs.

Detailed specifications (Bulletin MSI) and free part drawings (PEM CAD Library) for these RoHS-compliant inserts can be accessed at

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