Brand Color Recognition Takes Golf Sponsorship to the Next Level

Brand Color Recognition Takes Golf Sponsorship to the Next Level

The prestige and visibility of PGA events have long-attracted prominent sponsors whose branding in turn shapes the face of PGA tournaments. Increasingly, however, corporate stakeholders demand the greatest bang for their buck when considering investment in sponsorship, prompting tournament directors to think outside of the box and enhance offerings beyond traditional benefits packages.

The latest trend for optimizing value of golf event sponsorship is branding color recognition, which is essentially decorating or "coloring-out" events to match the branding colors of sponsor companies. In order to create this comprehensive branding message, tournament ops directors are rethinking the traditional green windscreen which creates tournament boundaries and entertainment spaces and opting instead for printed-on mesh customized to sponsors' colors.

The FEDEX Saint Jude's Classic hosted at the TPC Southwinds Club in Memphis, for example, featured distinctive FEDEX-purple mesh, a memorable alternative which made FEDEX's branding consistent and ubiquitous throughout the site. Similarly, the Crowne Plaza Invitational hosted at the Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth boasted its principal sponsor's idiosyncratic plum color, adding significant value and recognition and visibility for the Crowne Plaza brand both on-site and on television.

ci Fabrics, a leading manufacturer and printer of custom mesh, is supporting innovative Tournament Directors who are pioneering the value of added muscle, using brand color recognition to enhance sponsorship exposure making a richer tournament environment. As the provider of custom fabrics used for the FEDEX Saint Jude's Classic, Crowne Plaza Invitational, and other PGA-sanctioned events, ci Fabrics has established a niche among golf tournament directors whose job is to create service and value through the sponsors. "Sponsors desire maximum brand presence and recognition at all events they are invested in. ci Fabrics works closely, with tournament directors, and event production companies, to support sponsor participation and brand presence through brand color recognition initiatives. ci fabrics is a proud provider and vendor supporting brand color recognition for tournament events as well as other sponsored spaces and events they want to enhance the sponsors exposure and brand presence," Said Michael Lindsey ci Fabrics President.

"Sponsors want more benefits, more visibility, and more value and justification to be involved and invested in events.  Sponsorship properties seek solutions to renew, enhance and extend sponsorship relationships. Branding PGA events with the color of their title sponsors, logos, and marks." said John McDonald, 25-year marketing and sponsorship veteran and liaison for ci Fabrics. "The sponsors and Tournament Directors have found a very subliminal clean and creative way to further integrate the sponsors brand into the event environment adding value to the entire experience.  With branded decorative wind screen the sponsor's impression and presence is boosted and brand recognition lifted because it weaves sponsors' messages –figuratively and literally—throughout the entire fabric of the event."

Industry experts agree, that value is amplified when signage receives both television and on-site exposure. Industry sponsorship experts expect more tournament directors to embrace the comprehensive marketing strategy of brand color recognition as they strive to maximize sponsorship value packages. 

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