Branch Circuit Power Monitor is suitable for retrofit applications.

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Square D® PowerLogic® Branch Circuit Power Meter (BCPM) series monitors branch circuits and mains in PDUs and remote power panels, providing granular view of power and energy use for maximum data center uptime, cost allocation, and infrastructure optimization. Nominal solid-core CT strips provide low-current monitoring from .25-100 A, and split-core CT option enables installation inside or outside any major manufacturer's PDU or remote power panel. Customizable alarms are standard.

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Schneider Electric Adds Installation Flexibility Option to Powerful Meter; Makes Branch Circuit Power Monitoring More Accessible to Data Centers

Dallas - Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, announced today a new option for the Square D® PowerLogic® Branch Circuit Power Meter (BCPM) family that monitors branch circuits and mains in power distribution units and remote power panels. The PowerLogic BCPM was previously available only with solid-core CT strips, which provide unrivalled low-current monitoring in its class for new applications. With the addition of a new split-core CT option, the PowerLogic BCPM offers much more installation flexibility that makes it ideal for retrofit applications. Both versions of the PowerLogic BCPM give a granular view of power and energy use for maximum uptime, accurate cost allocation, and infrastructure optimization in a data center environment.

In an industry where downtime can cost several million dollars per hour, the PowerLogic BCPM provides an accurate, in-depth view of an electrical system and lessening the possibility of a breaker trip. Its best-in-class, low-current monitoring clearly distinguishes between extremely low levels of current and a possible breaker trip. The customizable alarms let operators set sensitivity parameters so an alarm is triggered anytime that the load approaches the breaker limit.

"Many data centers do not currently monitor power and energy at the branch circuit level, but uptime is the highest priority in this industry," said Lee Featherstone, National Sales Manager, Schneider Electric."The PowerLogic BCPM provides a window into electrical distribution systems that is often untapped but is very valuable."

Adding data center capacity is very costly, but the PowerLogic BCPM helps data centers to use their existing capacity efficiently by providing power and energy usage information down to the circuit level. Its accurate current monitoring from .25 amp to 100 amps - the widest dynamic monitoring range available within its class - gives a granular view of energy use and helps data center managers to identify areas that are overused or underused.

The flexible installation design of the split-core CT PowerLogic BCPM enables installation inside or outside any major manufacturer's power distribution unit or remote power panel. Since the PowerLogic BCPM monitors both branch circuits and mains - up to 84 circuits per device - it saves valuable space and lowers installation and monitoring costs simultaneously.

Featherstone added "We understand the importance of accuracy when it comes to allocating energy costs. The power and energy data that the PowerLogic BCPM provides allows data centers to properly charge their customers for their per rack energy consumption - a far more accurate method than assigning a general energy charge per section of assigned space."

The PowerLogic BCPM is compatible with PowerLogic® software such as PowerLogic® ION Enterprise®, PowerLogic® SCADA, and PowerLogic® System Manager(TM) software. PowerLogic software from Schneider Electric makes decision making easy by managing, analyzing and trending the large amount of data gathered by the PowerLogic BCPM. When combined, they provide an accurate and complete view of electrical distribution systems.

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