BPM Suite can be utilized in Cloud Computing environment.

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Leveraging SaaS delivery model, M3O Suite enables organizations to model, manage, monitor, and optimize business processes via Web. Organizations can scale computing resources up or down to respond to changing business conditions, while integrated social computing capabilities facilitate remote collaboration and knowledge capture. Specific functionality addresses business process management (BPM), business event management, and operational intelligence.

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Vitria Takes BPM to the Next Level with Cloud Computing

M3O Suite - The First BPM Suite in the Cloud to Offer Modeling and Execution of Business Processes via SaaS to Reduce Costs and Increase Collaboration

SUNNYVALE, Calif., April 2 -- Vitria Technology, Inc., today announced it has taken business process management software to new heights, offering customers and partners the ability to utilize its M3O Suite in the Cloud Computing environment. Cloud Computing is an emerging style of computing that can utilize virtualized IT resources as a service over the Internet, providing cost savings and dynamic scalability.

Leveraging the SaaS (Software as a Service) delivery model of the Cloud, organizations can now enjoy all the benefits of the M3O complete business management suite, including BPM, business event management and operational intelligence, while avoiding upfront licensing fees and the need for additional on-premise infrastructure. A new VitriaCloud.com Web-based community provides online access to Vitria's framework products as well as interaction with Vitria staff, partners and customers.

"Cloud Computing makes it possible to fully and more quickly utilize BPM while addressing an organization's urgent priorities to reduce costs, increase speed-to-market capabilities, and better utilize scarce IT talent," said Vitria CEO JoMei Chang. "Because M3O is the first fully-functional BPM suite designed for the SaaS environment, we're able to facilitate collaboration across teams and with a community of partners developing solutions in the Cloud."

As the first Web 2.0-based BPM Suite, M3O is uniquely optimized to run in the Cloud and, unlike other SaaS BPM solutions, moves beyond simple modeling to enable organizations to model, manage, monitor and optimize business processes via the Web. M3O Suite was recognized in The Forrester Wave: IC-BPMS, Q4 2008 (October 2008) with the highest possible score in multiple areas, including ease-of-use, rich client interface, user collaboration and as a SaaS platform.

"Cloud Computing represents a new and increasingly important IT service delivery model. Vitria's innovative approach provides complex business process management capabilities in this environment," said Chris Weitz, Deloitte Consulting Director. "Using Cloud Computing allows greater flexibility for enterprise software delivery and upgrades, while enabling increased IT costs control based on usage. We look forward to working with Vitria utilizing the Cloud Computing delivery model."

Accessing Vitria products from the Cloud rather than from corporate data centers provides a wide range of added benefits, including:

Reduced Cost--Using the M3O Suite as a service within the Cloud, organizations are able to purchase based on variable needs rather than pay up front for potential peak demand. This lowers up front costs and the investment risk.

Elastic Scalability--With M3O in the Cloud, organizations can easily scale up or down their computing resources to match seasonal demand, or more importantly, to respond quickly to changing business conditions.

Fewer maintenance headaches--Organizations reduce the need for on-staff hardware or software administrators to manage the solution. Product enhancements are delivered in smaller, more frequent updates via Vitria servers in the Cloud, eliminating disruption around major software upgrades. With a hosted solution, organizations are able to focus their time on delivering to customers, rather than on deploying technology.

Faster implementation--Without the need to build infrastructure, teams can begin projects immediately rather than waiting for IT to deploy resources.

Enhanced Collaboration--Based on Web 2.0 technology, M3O integrates social computing capabilities, including team based messaging, to facilitate remote collaboration and knowledge capture. Software is accessed via a browser, eliminating client software and making M3O Suite easier to utilize by increasingly dispersed teams and external partners.

Green energy management--Organizations can reduce their overall server and data center footprint. This reduces power consumption and improves cooling efficiency and equipment density; thereby, promoting a cleaner, greener environment.

"Cloud Computing is the best way to support geographically dispersed teams and to facilitate collaboration with partners across supply chains," said Vitria Chief Technology Officer Dale Skeen. "M3O in the Cloud gives organizations the flexibility to create business solutions in the Cloud, to deploy them either in the Cloud or on-premise, and to migrate them between the Cloud and on-premise at a later date. This is true virtualization of the organization, with the ability to utilize external resources on demand. Customers and partners can begin to realize these benefits at our new VitriaCloud.com web site."

VitriaCloud.com provides Vitria customers and partners with access to the online Vitria store, where they can review the Vitria product catalog, set up user accounts and order runtime services. VitriaCloud.com provides an interactive forum to share and discuss ideas, exchange knowledge, and leverage other smart people having similar experiences in software development.

Vitria partners are already leveraging VitriaCloud.com where they are able to develop and demonstrate industry-specific M3O-based solutions without bearing large upfront development costs. "Organizations are increasingly looking to utilize Cloud Computing to better manage IT costs, but want to be sure they will still realize the full benefits of traditional enterprise computing--Vitria delivers on that promise and provides us new and innovative ways to support our customers." said Clay Almy, Director at Blackstone Technology Group, a nationally based consultancy.

"Many organizations are eager to adopt Cloud Computing to manage IT resources and go-to-market strategies, while still enjoying the full benefits of a robust BPM platform--Vitria delivers on that promise," said Paul Forrester, Director of Advisory Services with The Forlam Group, an Australian-based consulting firm.

All of Vitria's solutions are available to run either on your premises, or in the Cloud hosted on Amazon EC2, with the same functionality and the same level of security and scalability. Built on an open and platform-agnostic Web architecture, M3O Suite can interoperate with all major ESBs and application servers as well as be deployed into major Cloud Computing environments for SaaS deployments.

About Vitria

Vitria Technology, Inc. is the industry's leading privately-held BPM and integration technology company. Known for its innovation in the integration and process management space, the company offers Vitria M3O, the most flexible BPM & BEM integration suite on the market, plus the award-winning BusinessWare(R) EAI platform. Together they deliver state-of-the-art legacy and SOA-based process integration solutions for the enterprise. Vitria's customer base includes global 2000 organizations such as AT&T, Bell Canada, BellSouth, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, BP, BT, DaimlerChrysler Leasing, Generali, Nissan, Reynolds & Reynolds, RBC Financial Group, Sprint, U.S. Department of Defense and Veterans Health Administration.

CONTACT: Pete Bartolik, +1-508-283-4112, pete@bartolik.com, for Vitria Technology, Inc.

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