Bottle Packaging Machine handles 150 bottles/min.

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Designed for all solid dose products, Model IBC-120 packages small- to medium-sized batches at rate of 24,000 tablets or capsules/min. Pharmaceutical-compliant system processes round, rectangular, and oval bottles measuring 45-200 mm in height and 25-125 mm in diameter. In between batches, it can be reset to different bottle diameter in 6 minutes. Integrated packaging stations are controlled by central touchscreen interface, enabling machine to adjust to new bottle heights at touch of button.

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Uhlmann's New Bottle Packaging Center Model IBC-120

Highly Efficient, Pharmaceutically Compliant Machine Packages Solid Dose Products at a Rate of 150 Bottles / Minute

TOWACO, NJ - Uhlmann, the worldwide leader in pharmaceutical packaging, offers the modular Integrated Bottle Packaging Center (IBC) 120 for all solid dose products. With no micro-stops, no ramp-up time and the ability to quickly complete changeovers, the IBC-120 reliably packages diverse small- to medium-sized batches at a rate of up to 150 bottles, or 24,000 tablets or capsules, per minute.

The Uhlmann IBC-120 processes round, rectangular and oval bottles 45-200 millimeters in height and 25-125 mm in diameter. In between batches, it can be reset to a different bottle diameter in just six minutes, fully automatic and with no need for format parts and tools. Considering its all-inclusiveness, the IBC-120 is streamlined and compact: at barely five meters in length, its monoblock design combines all the essential functions for the packaging of solid dose products in bottles and makes it, on average, 20 percent more efficient than line solutions composed of separate components.

Part of the IBC-120's efficiency lies in its user-friendliness. The integrated packaging stations are controlled by a central touchscreen user interface, meaning the machine adjusts to new bottle heights at the touch of a button.

Additional features of the IBC-120 include:

o Ability to handle all types of caps

o Capping unit available with up to three capping heads

o 100% counting accuracy on account of infrared counting system; tablet counter can accommodate up to four counting modules

o Master shift register guarantees product integrity and monitors the bottle discharge

o Enclosed system ensures operator and product protection

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