Bottle Labeler is rated from 4,000-8,000 containers/hr.

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Krones Vinetta features rotary design and label magazine that holds 5,000 labels. Replaceable wear strips extend lifetime of bottle handling parts, while glue pump with heater ensures consistent quality and economical glue consumption. Standard version dresses glass and plastic bottles, jars, and special-shaped containers in body and shoulder labels. Machine can be fitted with cold-glue station as well as pressure-sensitive labeling station.

Original Press Release:

Vinetta for Mid-Tier Bottlers

Labeller provides state-of-the-art technology for small outputs

Even in a small machine, there's plenty of room for sophisticated engineering. As unequivocally evidenced by the new labeller from Krones: the Krones Vinetta. This is a labeller developed specifically for the needs of mid-tier bottlers. Krones AG, Neutraubling, Germany, will be premiering this new machine, available in sizes rated at 4,000 and 8,000 containers an hour, at the intervitis interfructa.

The Vinetta can be used for an enormous range of container dress variants. In the standard version, glass and plastic bottles, jars and special-shaped containers are dressed in body and shoulder labels. An additional cold-glue station enables back, neck-ring or swing-stopper labels to be applied as well. There is likewise an option for ultra-accurate application of wine seals, diagonal strips or medallions. At need, the machine can also be fitted with a pressure-sensitive labelling station, offering abundant options for up-to-the-future product dress design.

The Vinetta is a particularly suitable choice for firms who want to buy a new labeller and had not yet found the appropriate solution from Krones in their deliberations, but in their own output range want to be able to rely on the market leader's dependability. Optimum labelling quality, accurate reproducibility, high efficiency and maximised availability: these are the features they prioritise. In designing the machine, Krones was able almost throughout to utilise empirical feedback and components from the high-output range.

The Vinetta is a very space-saving labeller in rotary design. Its label magazine holds 5,000 labels. It scores in terms of short make-ready times when changing over to different containers and labels. Replaceable wear strips ensure a lengthier useful lifetime of the bottle handling parts. A glue pump with an integrated heater ensures consistent labelling quality coupled with economical glue consumption. With the Vinetta, Krones will in future once again be offering bottlers of relatively small quantities at wineries, at breweries and in other subsectors of the beverage industry labelling technology second to none.

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