Boron Nitride Coatings feature green tint.

Press Release Summary:

Inorganic and lubricious, Combat® green tinted boron nitride coatings protect surfaces from effects of high temperature, corrosion, or oxidation while adding color to improve application visibility and enable efficient re-application during processing. Coatings have neutral pH, are free of cobalt and chromium, and can be applied to porous and non-porous materials, including graphite, metals, and ceramics. In typical application, coatings remain color fast at aluminum melt temperatures.

Original Press Release:

Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials - Boron Nitride Products Adds Green Tinted Coating to its Combat® Coating Portfolio

Amherst, NY – World’s leading manufacturer of hexagonal boron nitride, Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials has added new green tinted coatings to its Combat® coating portfolio. The new tinted coating protects surfaces from extreme conditions of high temperature, corrosion or oxidation, while adding a color to improve application visibility and enable efficient re-application during processing.

Combat Boron Nitride coatings are entirely inorganic and lubricious. Resistant to high-temperature, corrosion and wetting, Combat coatings can be applied to a variety of porous and non porous materials including graphite, metals and ceramics. In a typical application, such as secondary aluminum processing, Combat BN tinted coatings remains color fast at aluminum melt temperatures. This eliminates the guesswork and allows for easy and visual detection of areas where re-application is necessary.

“A feature not available until now as white coating tends to blend with white cast refractory, green tinted coatings avoid unnecessary re-application steps, while preventing blistering defects that may occur without timely re-application” said Neelam Kumar, Product Manager Combat Coatings. “Furthermore, Combat tinted coatings have a neutral pH and are cobalt and chromium free, in line with our commitment to the environment”, added Kumar.

The new addition to Combat coatings specifically targets mold release applications in high temperature environments such as light metal processing, secondary aluminum manufacturing and glass manufacturing. For further information and samples about Combat coatings, contact Saint-Gobain at or at 1 (877) 691-2001.

About Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials, Boron Nitride Products:

Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials is a division of the Saint-Gobain Group which specializes in the design, production and distribution of functional materials for the construction, industrial and consumer markets. Established in 64 countries with over 195,000 employees, Saint-Gobain is the market leader in each of its core businesses. Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials’ Boron Nitride Products business is a global leader in providing advanced material solutions using the unique properties of hexagonal Boron Nitride. Saint-Gobain’s Boron Nitride products include CarboTherm™ thermal management fillers; Combat® solid components, coatings and industrial powders; IDEALUBE® industrial lubricants; PDS® Products N-Type and P-Type planar diffusion sources; and TRÈS BN cosmetic powders.

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