Boring Head can be used with 1 of 2 style inserts.

Press Release Summary:

CB4 size for Cri-Bore Modular Boring System has maximum bore diameter of 7.3 in. Using micrometer dial, CB4 is adjustable in 0.001 in. increments (diameter). Available with triangular insert holder or 80° diamond insert holder, industry standard TP or CC style inserts can be used for any boring application.

Original Press Release:

Criterion Introduces New CB4 Cri-Bore Boring Head at IMTS

Costa Mesa, CA, June 26, 2002. Gary Vanderpol, President of Criterion Machine Works, Costa Mesa, CA announced the expansion of Criterion's Cri-Bore Modular Boring System. This expansion continues Criterion's efforts of supporting production floor needs. Criterion is exhibiting at the upcoming IMTS 2002 show being held in Chicago (booth E-2584), September 4-11, 2002.


Criterion has added a CB4 size to the Cri-Bore Modular Boring System extending the upper range of the system to 7.3" from 5" in diameter. This expansion meets the demands of our customers who need the capability of producing large precision bores with a rigid modular boring system. The CB4 is adjustable in 0.001" increments on diameter using the micrometer adjustment dial.

The CB4 is the first of the Cri-Bore Modular Boring System to be available with either a triangular insert holder or an 80° diamond insert holder. Industry standard TP or CC style inserts can be used to meet the demands of any boring application. To extend the bore depth of this new model, intermediate adaptors are available in various diameters and lengths. Boring depths are readily established by selecting one or a combination of intermediate adaptors to achieve the depth of bore required.

"Criterion is very excited by the addition of this product to our Cri-Bore Modular Boring System because it gives the customers not only the larger capacity they wanted, but also a greater selection of carbide inserts can be used with the CB4 boring head," stated Vanderpol.

Criterion manufactures one of the most complete lines of boring heads, tools, bars, shanks, and adapters on the market today. As a manufacturer of machine tool accessories for over 65 years, Criterion products have become the standard by which others are measured. Criterion has used the motto, "From the Spindle to the Cutting Edge..." for a number of years. We wanted everyone to know of our capability to provide everything from the toolholder to the cutting tool. We have been providing products from the spindle to the cutting edge for over 65 years.

Because we have done this for so many years, we sometimes get forgotten in the "New Technology" arena. Criterion has been charging right along with technology. We now want to make sure that everyone knows that. So we are now adopting a new motto "From the Toolroom to the Production Floor..." Our roots are deep and we are not abandoning the toolroom, but everyone needs to know we are also on the production floor. Everyone at Criterion is dedicated to providing users with the best products, service, and availability whether it's for their spindle, cutting edge, toolroom, or production floor. As such we will be introducing various boring system products that are used on the production floor.

Criterion's products are readily adaptable to most machines. Manufactured from premium alloy steels, Criterion offers the customer the highest quality and performance available. As such, it continues to be the standard by which others are measured. Corporate headquarters are located at 765 West 16th Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92627.

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