Borescopes feature diameters as small as 0.6 mm.

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Engineered for high-speed inline and maintenance inspections, Micro GenScope line includes MicroFlex, Micro SemiRigid, and MicroRigid models. MicroFlex has fused quartz fiber optic image bundle that provides clear, bright images, while MicroRigid GenScope has solid glass rod lens that runs entire length of stainless steel probe. Both attach to digital video documentation systems and use interchangeable focusing eyepiece that adjusts to user's vision.

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New Micro Diameter Borescopes by GenScope(TM)

Visual Inspection and Documentation Systems for Manufacturing & Maintenance Departments

E. LONGMEADOW, MA GenScope, Inc., has introduced a new line of ergonomic, flexible, rigid and semi rigid borescopes that meet the market's need for rugged and affordable scopes in diameters as small as 0.6mm. These scopes are based on technologies gained in decades of experience working in Fortune 10 companies and have been engineered for high speed inline and maintenance inspections in fast-moving facilities around the world.

The new Micro GenScope line includes user-friendly MicroFlex, Micro SemiRigid and MicroRigid scopes. The MicroFlex GenScope has a durable fused quartz fiber optic image bundle that provides crisp, clear and bright images. This very small diameter scope moves easily through narrow turning channels in turbine blades, fuel injection system, hydraulics, injector nozzles, and compressors. The new MicroRigid GenScope has a solid glass rod lens that runs the entire length of a rugged stainless steel probe. It offers the best image quality and straight inline access to the inspection area for observing very fine cracks, sharp edges and minute defects.

The MicroFlex and the MicroRigid GenScopes easily attach to advanced digital video documentation systems. Users like the fact that both scope designs also use the same interchangeable quick focusing eyepiece that adjusts to your vision.

Previously known as Genesys Instruments, GenScope adopted its new name in early 2008. The company, founded in 1992, manufactures a full line of GenScope(TM) brand standard and custom borescopes in East Longmeadow, MA. The company's on-staff application specialists provide system selection guidance, training and counsel in advanced borescope inspection and documentation systems.

Interview with David Reeves, President

"Quality inspection technicians need user-friendly tools," observes David Reeves, GenScope's president. "More and more manufacturers are demanding QC compliance proof in process. Advanced visual inspection systems need to be rugged enough for rigorous inspection and documentation in hardworking environments. We're excited about introducing the new Micro Diameter GenScopes. They build on decades of experience...but offer real-world utility."

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