Bore Gage takes simultaneous measurements.

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Bore Gage employs up to 8 independent sensors to determine workpiece coordinates on machining centers and transfer machines. It measures diameter, taper, and circularity and transmits data wirelessly to machine's NC control. Measuring heads can be specified for bores from 0.4-7.87 in. Bumper system provides collision avoidance between measuring head and machine tool, and integrated temperature sensor compensates for temperature fluctuations.

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Blum Proves All Bore Gages are Not Created Equal

FORT MITCHELL, KY - Blum LMT, Inc., a global leader in measurement technology solutions, introduces to the U.S. market its multi-functional bore gage.

According to Paul Meinhardt, general manager, the Blum system is not just another bore gage. "The Blum bore gage," he says, "employs up to eight independent sensors simultaneously to take values to monitor the quality of tight-tolerance fits as well as to determine workpiece coordinates on machining centers and transfer machines. The fact that these values are taken simultaneously significantly reduces machine idle time."

The gage measures diameter, taper and circularity (0.2 micron internal resolution) and transmits the data to the machine's NC control via closed-loop wireless data transmission. The diameter-specific measuring heads can be specified for bores from 0.4" (10 mm) to 7.87" (200 mm). Different measuring head diameters can be effectively used with a single bore gage body.

"The independent sensors," Meinhardt says, "are used to probe and take actual dimensions and transmit that data wireless to the machine's NC control. Due to the closed-loop nature of the data transmission, the data can be interpreted by the NC and the control can react in real time accordingly - the measured values, for example, can be used to compensate the entire manufacturing process."

Meinhardt points out that the accuracy of the bore gage is entirely independent of the accuracy of the machine tool. "It is significant," he says, "that conventional workpiece probes use the read-out of the axis position of the machine to measure values, whereas the Blum bore gage is a complete, machine-independent measuring device in itself, even though it resides within the machine tool. The independent nature of the measuring head allows it to check a workpiece without being influenced by any existing system errors in the overall manufacturing process."

Further, Meinhardt notes that the bore gage can be mounted in standard tool holders and transferred from the machining center tool magazine to the spindle just like any other tool. Or, they can be mounted in a fixed position in transfer machines.

Other important features of the bore gage include their ease of programming. Tolerance values, for example, can be programmed via an RS 232 interface, or manually via a simple magnetic pen directly into the bore gage processing unit. Meinhardt notes also that a bumper system provides collision avoidance between the measuring head and the machine tool, and an integrated temperature sensor automatically compensates for temperature fluctuations. Last, the rigidity and completely sealed housing of the measuring head make it virtually impervious to the harsh conditions of machine tool applications.

Blum bore gages are produced by the market leader in laser measurement systems for machine tool applications and the manufacturer of measuring systems for automotive and aerospace industries, Meinhardt says. Current users include Heller Machine Tools, Komet Precision Tools, Knorr Brake Systems, Makino and British Aerospace among others.

"The Blum bore gage," he says, "does more than just take points and data relative to bore diameter, taper and circularity. It's been proven to increase product quality and reliability, enhance process control and productivity and reduce rework. In short, the bore gage becomes an integral part of total process verification."

Blum LMT, Inc., is recognized as a developer of leading-edge laser measurement technology, with some 30 years experience and more than 16,000 installations world-wide, including General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, Boeing, General Electric, Bosch, Cincinnati Machine, Mikron, Ingersoll Milling Machine, Huller Hille, Fadal, Haas, YCI and others.

For more information, contact Blum LMT, Inc.; 250 Grandview Dr., Suite 10; Ft Mitchell, KY 41017. Tel: 859/344-6789. Fax: 859/344-6799. E-mail:

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