Booster Pump Manufacturers Choose MBS 1900

Improvements in pump speed control combined with competitive prices have made variable-speed booster pumps a popular choice for processing applications that supply and treat water. But, like most water applications, liquid hammer and electromagnetic interference (EMI) can impede performance and damage system components. In China, booster pump manufacturers are turning to the Danfoss MBS1900 pressure transmitter to get the best performance from their products. And since its launch in June 2009, the MBS1900 has gained a reputation for great performance and reliability.

Controlling electromagnetic interference
In a variable-speed booster pump, a variable frequency converter adjusts the pump's motor speed according to demand, and a pressure transmitter monitors the water pressure, relaying this information to a programmable logic controller (PLC). If there is little or no water flow in the system, the PLC will slow or put the motor on stand-by to increase pump efficiency and conserve energy. But without a pressure transmitter designed to withstand liquid hammer and EMI, pump performance will be affected. Based on tried and tested Danfoss technology, the MBS1900 has that covered.

In China, booster pumps have a 5.5KW, 7.5KW or 11KW capacity. However, larger pump capacity means greater Radio Frequency (RF) conducted interference from the frequency converter - which adversely affects pressure transmitter performance, making it the main source of EMI. But because the MBS1900 has good PCB design and a shielded cable, it keeps RF conducted noise to a minimum and maintains a stable output signal. In addition, the MBS1900 is EN61000-6-2 certified and meets immunity requirements in industrial environments.

Reducing liquid hammer and pressure peaks
In water systems, rapid changes in flow velocity, such as pump starts and stops, can cause liquid hammer or pressure peaks. To cope with this, the MBS 1900 uses advanced piezoresistive silicon sensor technology, providing overload pressure up to three times the working pressure.

The MBS1900 is available with a variety of output signals, pressure ranges and with a choice of pressure and electrical connectors to meet pump manufacturer demands.

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