Bondmaster Epoxy Adhesives for Motors Now Available in Cartridge Sizes

SAN DIEGO, May 9, 2007 - National Adhesives has announced, here at The Motor &
Motion Association's (SMMA) Spring Management Conference, that it is offering
several of its Bondmaster ( structural epoxy adhesives for
motor assembly in cartridge sizes.

Key Bondmaster products now available in cartridge sizes include A 410-5P and
A 359, which provide high strength and high impact characteristics in
structural metal and magnet bonding. Bondmaster A359 is IR curable and
provides high heat and chemical resistance in chemical- and heat-exposed metal
and magnet assemblies. Bondmaster ESP 4582, also packaged in cartridges, is
induction curable for rapid motor processing needs. These widely used and
proven products, Bondmaster ESP 308, ESP 309 and ESP 310, continue to be
available in convenient cartridges.

"Having Bondmaster structural epoxy adhesives available in cartridge sizes
gives motor assembly operations more options in their choice of adhesives and
helps fill the gap left by the recent withdrawal of a major manufacturer from
the one-part epoxy market," said Rob Byrne, Business Director, Bondmaster
Structural Adhesives.

Bondmaster structural adhesives include 1-part heat-cure epoxies and 2-part
catalytic epoxies formulated for the high performance requirements of today's
manufacturing and processing operations. The epoxies operate in broad
temperature ranges, joining virtually all surface types, and provide
production and performance benefits.

Bondmaster 1-part epoxies have the strength and durability to replace
mechanical joining techniques, such as welding. They can also be used in an
extremely broad range of applications, including high-tech composites bonding.
The adhesives' operating temperatures range from -65°F to 450°F and exhibit
extremely high shear strengths up to 4,000 psi. They are easy to handle,
dispense and clean up and do not cure until heat is applied. Gap-fill
capabilities are up to 0.16 inches.

The 2-part epoxies in the Bondmaster line have been developed to provide
superior structural bonding strength and durability for a broad range of
material substrates in high performance applications. The adhesives are
available in a wide range of viscosities, from flowable to paste-like, and
enable increased adhesive application speeds. They also provide an excellent
gap fill range of up to 0.25 inches and can be cured at room temperature
without an external heat source.

The 2-part epoxy products, which include the widely used Bondmaster E04 and
Bondmaster E 32, are packaged in easy-to-use, no-mix dual-pack cartridges. The
products do not require pouring, weighing or mixing.

Bondmaster structural epoxy adhesives have proven themselves in the most
difficult of environments, according to Byrne, who notes that the electric
drive motors on the Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity were assembled with
Bondmaster adhesives. "The Mars rovers have passed their third year operating
in the harsh Martian environment, far surpassing NASA's expectations," said

For more information on Bondmaster Structural Adhesives from National
Adhesives, contact National Adhesives Information Center, One Matrix Drive,
Monroe, NJ 08831. Call 1-800-797-4992. Fax 1-609-409-5699. E-mail: Information is also available at

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