Bollente Companies Plans to Heat Things up with trutankless® at the PCBC Homebuilding Show June 25 through 26, 2014 in San Francisco

Winner of "Best Home Technology Product" at the 2014 NAHB International Builders Show, trutankless is quickly becoming a household name in the homebuilding industry

PHOENIX – As popularity grows among homebuilders and homeowners alike, Bollente Companies, Inc. (OTCQB: BOLC), will showcase its smart trutankless® electric tankless water heater line at the PCBC Homebuilding Show June 25 through 26, 2014 in San Francisco (booth #N-6634).

Featuring patent-pending Velix™ heating technology, the powerfully compact trutankless unit delivers endless hot water to an entire home year after year, without the scale and mineral buildup that plagues most tank and tankless heaters. Designed with long-term reliability in mind, trutankless is built to last 20 years or more and operates at nearly 100% energy efficiency.  It's also packed with tech innovations, including its own smart-home compatible app (iOS/AOS) that sends notifications to homeowners and service professionals if a warranty or service appointment is needed.

Since its launch this February, trutankless has taken the homebuilding industry by storm, winning the 2014 NAHB International Builders Show's "Best Home Technology Product" and becoming the standard water heater in a number of new communities, including developments from Bela Flor Communities, luxury home builder Cullum Homes, and custom home builder AB Contracting.

"We've been extremely impressed with the quality engineering and innovation in the trutankless product line," said Rod Cullum, founder of Scottsdale-based Cullum Homes. "We've always felt tankless water heaters are where the industry is headed, but we'd been waiting for a truly reliable whole-home electric tankless product to hit the market. When we discovered trutankless, we knew this was the water heater we wanted for our communities.  It's easy to install, and unlike gas units, it can go just about anywhere.  We now have a unit on display in our showroom, and our homebuyers love the tech-forward features."

"trutankless is the perfect solution for our multifamily projects," said Allen Bell, president of AB Contracting, a regional leader in the development of single and multifamily communities based in West Virginia. "The small footprint of this product saves a significant amount space, and that's a huge selling point in our multifamily communities where storage is always at a premium. Our customers love the idea of having a water heater that never runs out of hot water -- that's a new concept for a lot of families. Another big selling point is the efficiency of trutankless, which saves the homeowner thousands of dollars in energy bills over the years. Our company has always placed a heavy emphasis on green initiatives and energy efficiency, so to me, trutankless is the way to go. We've made it the standard water heater in the newest phase of Eagle View, our 500-unit community, and we plan to make it standard in our future projects, too."

Bollente Companies will exhibit the trutankless residential line to builders, designers and architects at the PCBC Homebuilders Show, a high caliber conference that has been attracting prominent industry professionals since 1959.

"We're excited to bring trutankless to PCBC this year and demonstrate just how powerful and hassle-free the product is-- for the builder, the service professional, and the homeowner," said Michael Stebbins, president of trutankless. "No other water heater on the market has the ability to shut itself down if there's a leak, notify the homeowner and service professional in the event of a service disruption, or proactively schedule a service call."

About trutankless:

Packed with patent-pending proprietary technology, trutankless is engineered to outperform and outlast both its tank and tankless predecessors in energy efficiency, output, and durability.  Not only does it provide endless hot water on demand for a whole household, it also integrates with home automation systems and has its own app (iOS/AOS), which allows homeowners to control water temperature to within one degree, obtain service notifications, and monitor usage from their mobile devices.  Because hot water is such an intimate and essential part of daily life, this is a highly meaningful new "Internet of Things" player in the arena of smart home tech. 

About the Company:

Founded in 2010, trutankless, a division of Bollente Companies, Inc. (OTCQB: BOLC), was brought to life through the combined insight, ingenuity, and drive of industry professionals, engineers, and entrepreneurs.  The objective was to create a line of electric tankless water heaters that far surpasses traditional tank water heaters in energy efficiency, output, dependability and environmental sustainability while overcoming the frustrating drawbacks of other tankless units on the market today.

The trutankless mission is to efficiently provide hot water on demand by combining smart engineering with forward-thinking technologies that save owners money, energy, and space.  For more information, please visit or call 855-TO-BUY-TRU.


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