Boards provide PCI data acquisition.

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DaqBoard/3000(TM) Series consists of 4 boards equipped with custom data acquistion engine capable of making analog measurements at 1 µs/channel, and concurrently reading digital and counter inputs, while generating up to four 1 MHz/16-bit analog waveform outputs plus digital pattern generation. Boards include 8 differential or 16 single-ended analog inputs, 24 high-speed digital I/O lines, and four 32-bit, 20 MHz counter input channels with quadrature encoder capability.

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DaqBoard/3000 Series Four Low-Cost, High-Performance 1-MHz/16-Bit PCI Data Acquisition Boards

CLEVELAND, OH, July 27, 2005 - IOtech has introduced four 1-MHz/16-bit PCI data acquisition boards, starting at just $499 (ValuePak 5-piece price) that will establish the new price/performance standard for low-cost, high-performance PCI data acquisition. The new DaqBoard/3000(TM) series follows in the tradition of the DaqBoard family from IOtech of establishing industry benchmarks for low-cost PC-based data acquisition.

The feature-rich DaqBoard/3000 series includes the following:
o Four boards ranging from $499 to $849
o 16-bit, 1-MHz A/D converter
o 8 differential or 16 single-ended analog inputs (software selectable per channel)
o User-expandable up to 64SE/32DE analog inputs, including thermocouple capability
o 7 analog input ranges programmable from 100 mV to 10V
o Up to four 16-bit, 1-MHz analog outputs with continuous waveform capability
o 24 high-speed digital I/O lines
o Four 32-bit, 20-MHz counter input channels with quadrature encoder capability
o Ultra low latency control output capability (as low as 2 µs latency)
o Synchronous analog, digital, and counter/timer I/O without consuming analog input bandwidth
o Multiple DMA channels
o New DaqView(TM) Out-of-the-Box(TM) software included free, for instant set-up, real-time viewing, data logging, scope display and optional frequency domain analysis
o Support for Visual Studio® and Visual Studio® .NET
o Comprehensive drivers for DASYLab®, MATLAB®, and LabVIEW®

The new DaqBoard/3000 series are loaded with useful features that will set the new benchmark for low-cost multifunction PCI data acquisition. The heart of the DaqBoard/3000 is a custom data acquisition engine (daq3000) capable of making analog measurements at 1 µs/channel, and concurrently reading digital and counter inputs, while generating up to four 1-MHz/16-bit analog waveform outputs plus digital pattern generation. The benefit of IOtech's synchronous architecture is the user can scan analog inputs and have precise channel-to-channel time correlation without concern for the time required to perform the other I/O such as digital inputs, counter inputs, and analog outputs. In addition, neither the digital inputs, counter inputs, nor analog outputs reduce the bandwidth of the analog inputs, since the acquisition engine is capable of performing all of these tasks independently. In other words, the analog input bandwidth is independent of all other I/O concurrently and synchronously occurring on the board.

Analog Input
A 16-bit/1-MHz A/D converter can scan any sequence of input channels at 1 µs per channel. 7 ranges from ±100 mV full scale up to ±10V full scale can be selected on a per-channel basis. 8 differential or 16 single-ended channels are built-in, dynamically selectable on a per-channel basis as single-ended or differential. Unique to the DaqBoard/3000 series is the ability for the user to expand the built-in 8/16 analog input channels up to 32/64 channels using the low-cost PDQ30(TM) expansion module ($399). The PDQ30 can be added at any time by the user, and attaches via a cable to the DaqBoard's expansion port. When attached, all channels can be scanned in any order at 1 µs per channel. Additionally, the PDQ30 supports thermocouples attached to any analog input channel. Thermocouple measurements are made at a slower rate of approximately 10 kHz and employ over-sampling in order to provide ultra low-noise temperature readings.

Analog Output
Three choices of analog output capacity are available; 0, 2, or 4 channels. Analog output channels can be updated either synchronously or asynchronously. The daq3000 engine on the DaqBoard/3000 enables all 16-bit analog output channels on the DaqBoard/3000 to be updated concurrently at 1 µs per channel. DMA capability allows all four channels to generate continuous, virtually limitless waveforms from PC memory without consuming CPU time.

Digital I/O
24 channels of digital I/O are included in the DaqBoard/3000 series. The 24 lines can be programmed as input or output in 8-bit ports. Inputs can be read concurrent with analog inputs at 1 µs per digital word, or asynchronously at anytime. If no analog inputs are enabled, digital I/O can occur as fast as 12 MHz.

Counter Inputs
Four 32-bit counters are provided by the DaqBoard/3000 series and are capable of measuring pulses up to 20 MHz. In addition, the counters can be configured to directly read quadrature-type encoders. Counter inputs can be read concurrently at the beginning of each analog input scan sequence, or asynchronously at anytime.

Low-Latency Control Outputs
Unique to the DaqBoard/3000 series is the ability for an output, digital or analog, to be updated based on any input - analog, digital, or counter. With other boards, outputs can only be updated after the input data is transferred to the PC and evaluated in PC software, which results in non-deterministic responses that are typically several milliseconds. With the DaqBoard/3000 series, the user can program set-points on up to 16 inputs, and then establish digital or analog outputs (discrete analog levels) where the output state is changed in response to an input. Depending on the number and type of inputs being measured, the latency can be as low as 2 µs from change of input to actual output generation.

Analog Expansion
Also unique to the DaqBoard/3000 series is the ability for a user to simply increase the number of analog inputs from 8 differential/16 single ended, to 32/64 by attaching the PDQ30 expansion option to the DaqBoard/3000 via an HDMI expansion connector on the DaqBoard. In addition, any channel on the PDQ30 can also accept thermocouples (TC) inputs on any channel.

Software Support
The DaqBoard/3000 series are supported by a strong suite of drivers for Visual Studio® and Visual Studio® .NET, plus support for LabVIEW®, MATLAB®, and DASYLab®. Also included with the DaqBoard/3000 is new DaqView 8.0, an Out-of-the-Box(TM) software application that provides effortless set-up, data collection, storage-to-disk, and real-time displays including new scope modes. DaqView sets a new benchmark for free software included with a PCI data acquisition board - this capability can add hundreds of dollars to the price of other suppliers boards. Two add-on packages are also available for DaqView users. DaqViewXL/Plus(TM) provides real-time import into Excel, analysis functions, plus enhanced real-time display. DaqView/Pro(TM) includes XL/Plus features plus real-time frequency-domain analysis capability.

Availability and Price
The DaqBoard/3000 series boards will be available August 29, 2005. Below is a selection chart describing each board and the associated price.

/3000 /3001 /3005 /3006/3000 + PDQ30/3001 + PDQ30/3005 + PDQ30

Voltage Inputs (SE - DIFF) 16-8 16-8 16-8 16SE 64-32 64-32 64-32
Analog Outputs (16-bit/1-MHz) 2 4 - - 2 4 -
Digital I/O 24 24 24 24 24 24 24

Counter/Timers 4-2 4-2 4-2 4-2 4-2 4-2 4-2
Price (single-piece) $749 $849 $649 $549 $1099 $1199 $999
ValuePak Price (5 or more) $699 $799 $599 $499 $1049 $1149 $949

DaqView is included free; DaqViewXL/Plus is $299; and DaqView/Pro is $599.

PDQ30 price is $399 if purchased separately, or $350 if purchased with along with a DaqBoard.

About IOtech
IOtech produces data acquisition hardware and software for use in PC-based test & measurement and industrial automation systems. Its products are used in research and manufacturing facilities and are sold throughout the world. IOtech, Inc. is located at 25971 Cannon Road, Cleveland, Ohio, 44146; telephone: (440) 439-4091; fax: (440) 439-4093; E-mail:;

DaqBoard(TM), DaqView(TM), DaqView/Pro(TM), DaqViewXL/Plus(TM), PDQ30(TM), and Out-of-the-Box(TM) are trademarks of IOtech, Inc.; all other trademarks and trade names are the property of the respective holders.

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