Board-Level Shield features removable cover.

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Incorporating functionality of 2-piece shield without need for separate frame and cover, ReCovr(TM) features locking mechanism that allows for removal of shield cover when access to board-level components is required. Unit includes rigid corner board-level shield technology, which aids in part and PCB firmness. Rated to survive standard drop, shock, and no-rattle tests, shield is available with ventilation holes, side cutouts, embossing, and marking.

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Laird Technologies Introduces New Removable Top Board-Level Shield ReCovr(TM) Product Line

Patented Board-Level Shield Sets the Standard for Removable Top Shielding

St. Louis, Missouri, USA - Laird Technologies, Inc., a global leader in the design and manufacture of customized, performance-critical components for wireless systems and other advanced electronics applications, today announced the release of its new removable top board-level shield (BLS), ReCovr(TM).

As the only company on the market offering this proprietary and patented (US Patent 7504592, Korea Patent 10-0898026, Patents Pending: China, Europe, India, Japan and Taiwan) shield design, the ReCovr(TM) product line incorporates the functionality of a two-piece shield without the need for a separate frame and cover. The shield is specially designed with a locking mechanism that allows for easy removal of the shield cover when access to board-level components within the shield is required. The locking mechanism makes repair of components under the shield quick and easy by eliminating the need for removing the entire shield and reducing board re-work. The removable top shield also integrates Laird Technologies' patented (US Patent 7488902) rigid corner board-level shield technology, which incorporates a new corner design that optimizes component rigidity for increased part and printed circuit board (PCB) firmness.

"The locking mechanism of this new design compliments the functional configuration of two-piece board-level shielding in a one-piece type configuration" commented John Noto, Laird Technologies Americas EMI Metals Product Manager. "These shields eliminate the need to hand assemble the covers after soldering by providing a simple replacement technique for the cover."

Snapping off the shield cover is accomplished by using a small starter hole for simple removal. This hand operation requires minimal force using a hook scriber or tweezers. After repair, replacement, or adjustment of internal components, the same shield cover is then snapped back on.

ReCovr(TM) shields are available in select Laird Technologies standard board-level sizes or custom configurations of length, width, and height. They stay intact throughout manufacturing, packaging, shipping, installation, and the solder process. Design options include ventilation holes, side cutouts, embossing and marking. The shields are rated to survive standard drop, shock, and no-rattle tests.

An online video tutorial is available for viewing on the Laird Technologies Website. The video demonstrates the use of a hook scriber at various angles to remove the shield cover. The shield cover is then reattached using an alignment tool.

As an industry-leading EMI solutions provider, Laird Technologies provides innovative board-level solutions with every available material and form factor for high-tech industries and applications around the world. For more information, please logon to

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Laird Technologies designs and manufactures customized, performance-critical products for wireless and other advanced electronics applications.

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