Board-Level EMI Shield allows post-reflow detachment.

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ReMovl(TM) board-level shield incorporates ReCovr attachment mechanism applied to pickup bridge of BLS frame, allowing permanent, tool-less detachment of bridge after frame is soldered to PCB. Raised pickup bridge option allows for clearance above PCB components during placement and reflow. Suited for manufacturing processes where post reflow detachment of pickup bridge is beneficial/required, product has .080 in. height (min), .071 in. top flange width, and 0.5-1.0 lb typ pull force.

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Laird Technologies Introduces Board-Level Shield ReMovl(TM) Enhancement

Feature Allows for Detachment of Pickup Bridge

St. Louis, Missouri, USA - Laird Technologies, Inc., a global leader in the design and supply of customized performance-critical components and systems for advanced electronics and wireless products, today announced the release of its new ReMovl(TM) board-level shielding product enhancement.

Building on the success of the proprietary and patented (US Patent 7504592, Korea Patent 10-0898026, Patents Pending: China, Europe, India, Japan and Taiwan) ReCovr(TM) shield design, ReMovl incorporates the ReCovr attachment mechanism applied to the pickup bridge of the BLS frame to allow for easy, tool-less detachment of the bridge after the frame is soldered to the printed circuit board.

"The Laird Technologies EMI shielding engineers continue to look for new and improved ways to bring advanced suppression technology to PCBs while making access to board components under the shield easier," said Allan Dukeshire, Laird Technologies EMI Metals Product Manager. "Our team works diligently to identify problems in the marketplace and then develop technologies that solve these problems for our customers."

The ReMovl feature is ideal for manufacturing processes where post reflow detachment of the pickup bridge is beneficial. There are several applications that often require the bridge to be detached including inspection, rework, Thermal Interface Material (TIM) assembly into cover, and noise or vibration concerns of bridge to cover.

As an industry-leading EMI solutions provider, Laird Technologies provides innovative board-level shielding solutions for high-tech industries and applications around the world. For more information, please logon to

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