Bluetooth® Smart Modules target IoT-related devices.

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Measuring 9.6 x 12.9 x 2.0 mm and 5.1 x 11.3 x 1.3 mm, respectively, Models EYSHCNZXZ and EYSHJNZXZ are compatible with Bluetooth® v4.2 low energy standard. Devices feature ARM® Cortex®-M4 processor with floating point arithmetic functions and 64 kB RAM. Operating from -25 to +75°C, modules are suited for various small, thin devices including healthcare equipment, wearable devices, and smartphone peripherals, as well as IoT-related devices.

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TAIYO YUDEN Adds High-Performance Bluetooth® Smart Modules

Extends the Lineup in Response to Diversifying IoT-Related Devices

Schaumburg, IL, – TAIYO YUDEN (U.S.A.) INC. announces the launch of Bluetooth®*1 Smart*2 modules EYSHCNZXZ (9.6 x 12.9 x 2.0 mm) and EYSHJNZXZ (5.1 x 11.3 x 1.3 mm).

These wireless communication modules, compatible with the wireless communication standard Bluetooth® v4.2 low energy (Bluetooth® Smart), are ideal for various small, thin devices including healthcare equipment, wearable devices, smartphone peripherals, as well as IoT-related devices.

In response to diverse customer needs, TAIYO YUDEN has launched compact products as well as products with our original embedded software. These new products launched today offer greater functionality yet in the same geometries as our existing products. A high-performance CPU and large-capacity memory are embedded to deal with more complicated applications.

These products will be prepared in Japan in April 2016, at a production rate of two million units per month. EYSHCNZXZ will commence in April 2016, and EYSHJNZXZ will also commence by the first half of 2016 fiscal year. The sample price for both products is $30 per unit.*3

Bluetooth® Smart, which is part of the Bluetooth® standards, is a very low-energy communication standard, and so the technology is increasingly being adopted in many different devices, including healthcare products such as bathroom scales and blood-pressure meters, as well as wearable devices such as activity trackers. In addition, the emergence of various services based on a function of Bluetooth® Smart known as "beacon" is resulting in a rapid increase in the number of Bluetooth® Smart-enabled devices. As a result, an increasing variety of individual devices and customer needs have made it necessary to offer additional products in the Bluetooth® Smart module lineup.

In response to this demand, TAIYO YUDEN will launch EYSHCNZXZ and EYSHJNZXZ in addition to its current product lineup. These products feature a high-performance ARM® Cortex®-M4 processor*4 with floating-point arithmetic functions and twice the memory capacity of existing products, yet with the same geometries. We have expanded the product lineup to deal not only with IoT, but also diverse services as well as complicated, sophisticated applications.

TAIYO YUDEN is committed to extending its lineup of products that offer high reliability, compactness, and a lower profile to meet market needs.

These products will be published on the solution proposal webpage for Bluetooth® Smart technology on our website together with existing products. The webpage also features a selection chart that allows customers to select the optimum modules for their needs.

*1 The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and the use of such marks by TAIYO YUDEN CO., LTD. is under license.

*2 "Bluetooth® Smart" is a standard stipulated by Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

*3 The sample price mentioned in this release is our direct sales price. When considering purchasing via a sales agency, please contact the agency for the sample price.

*4 ARM and Cortex are registered trademarks of ARM Limited (or its subsidiaries) in the EU and other countries. All rights reserved.


Wireless communication modules for a variety of small, thin devices including healthcare equipment, wearable devices, and smartphone peripherals.

The characteristics of the new Bluetooth® Smart modules are as shown below.

Part Number

Size (L x W x H)



RAM (kB)




9.6 x 12.9 x 2.0 mm





-25 to


5.1 x 11.3 x 1.3 mm

 * The CE test report can be provided.

For more information, visit, or contact TAIYO YUDEN (U.S.A.) INC., 2107 North First Street, Suite 450, San Jose, CA 95131, Phone: (800) 368-2496, E-mail:

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