Block Scientific Offering Quality Electrolyte Reagents, Controls and Consumables from Medica

Block Scientific is offering a wide range of quality electrolyte reagents, controls and consumables for use with the Medica Easylyte Analyzer and Medica EasyElectrolytes Na/K/Li Analyzer. These products are available at competitive prices.

The collection of controls, cleaning solutions, kits and other products meant for use with the Medica Easylyte Analyzer include:

- Solutions Pack, NA/K/Cl/Li, 800mL

- Solutions Pack, NA/K/Cl/Li, 400mL 

- Sample Cup Retainer Ring

- Sample Tray

- Maintenance Kit

- Potassium, Sodium, Calcium and Chloride Electrodes

- Quarterly Operating Kit

- Tubing Kits

- Sample Detector

- Capillary Adapter Cleaning Kit, and more

The controls, solutions, kits and other items for use with Medica EasyElectrolytes analyzers include

- Na/K/Li Reagent Module

- Bi-Level QC Kit

- Sodium and Potassium Sensors

- Daily Cleaning Solution Kit

- Red Test Dye Solution

- Compression Plate Assembly

- Reference Sensor

- Daily Cleaner Sample Cups

- Demo Kit NA/K/LI, and more

The reagents and consumables that Block Scientific offers ensure value for money. These competitively priced products are a great advantage for research and clinical laboratories of all sizes, especially those with budget constraints.

Block Scientific also offers recertified lab instruments, convenient reagent rental plans and laboratory equipment leasing options.

About Block Scientific

A leading global supplier of lab equipment based in New York, Block Scientific has a vast collection of quality devices including analyzers, microscopes, co-oximeters, incubators, centrifuges, balances, and much more. For details, visit

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