Block Scientific Offering Competitively Priced New and Recertified Hematology Analyzers

Block Scientific, an established supplier of laboratory equipment based in New York, offers a range of quality hematology analyzers from the industry's leading manufacturers. Both new as well as recertified devices are available at competitive prices at the company's online store. Customers can choose from advanced models from top brands such as Beckman Coulter, Abbott Diagnostics, Siemens, and Drucker Diagnostics to meet their requirements and budget.

The new hematology analyzer models available here include Beckman Coulter's AcT 5diff Autoloader (AL), HmX, AcT Diff 2, AcT 5diff or AcT 5diff Cap Pierce (CP). The HmX offers advanced, three-dimensional VCS technology that assures the highest level of sensitivity, specificity and efficiency in white cell differential analysis. Models such as AcT Diff 2 come with a compact benchtop design, while the AcT 5diff autoloader offers an easy-to-use data management system that streamlines data recall and requires less manual manipulation.

The new hematology systems available at this online lab equipment store include Drucker Diagnostics' QBC STAR and Autoread Plus. The Medica EasyCell Assistant is  supplied in a  package that includes installation and training and a one-year onsite warranty.

Labs with budget constraints can choose from affordable recertified hematology analyzers that are carefully refurbished to meet original manufacturer specifications. The models available include the following:

- Abbott Cell Dyn series-1800, 1700, 3500, 3200, 3500 SL, and 3700 SL

- Beckman Coulter- AcT Diff II, ACT diff, AcT 10, AcT5 Diff and LH 750

- ABX models-Micros 60, Pentra 60C+, and ABC Vet

- Sysmex- XE-2100, K-1000 and KX-21N

- Siemens Advia 2120

Instruments such as the Cell Dyn 3500 SL allows efficient data management and interpretation, and provides quick, accurate results with differential screening. The LH 750 hematology analyzer improves cell enumeration accuracy with AccuCount technology and features streamlined data management with improved decision support. This bench-top analyzer from Siemens is designed for medium- to large-volume laboratories and offers improved turnaround time while reducing differential reject rates. All these refurbished models come with 90 days parts warranty.

With its quality product line and efficient post-sales support, this lab equipment dealer is a reliable partner for labs of all sizes. For labs with budget constraints, Block Scientific offers reagent rental plans and leasing programs.

About Block Scientific

An established lab equipment supplier based in NY, Block Scientific has an extensive line of quality analyzers, microscopes, co-oximeters, incubators, centrifuges, balances, and much more. Purchases can be made online at

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