Block Scientific Announces Addition of Advanced IONyte ISE Electrolyte Analyzer

A reliable laboratory equipment supplier based in New York, Block Scientific announces the addition of advanced IONyte ISE electrolyte analyzer from Awareness Technology to its extensive portfolio. This high quality analyzer is also being offered new and a price that ensures great savings – proof that Block Scientific is indeed a reliable resource for laboratories of all sizes.

The IONyte ISE electrolyte analyzer is a user-friendly, safe and convenient system that provides accurate, consistent and prompt results. By meeting the varying demands of diverse lab settings, this instrument enhances throughput in labs of different sizes.

The ease of use functionality of the device is assured with its step-by-step user prompts, touch screen with colors and graphics, plug-in reagent pack, and self-calibrating and monitoring. It comes with a quality reagent system designed and packaged for compatibility, NIST traceable calibrations, and long stability at room temperature.

It and is designed with OWNchip performance monitoring for membrane deterioration or damage and features the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. This analyzer is easy to install, refill and maintain, and features a self wetting system with monitoring for bubbles, clots, leaks, and worn tubing. Other key features and specifications of this advanced analyzer are

- Environment-friendly materials

- Three-level quality control

- Self-contained waste bag with safety valve protection

- Intuitive user-friendly screen prompts

- Automatically stores data for Levey-Jennings plots

- Fully tested for electrical safety

- Electronically tracks percent remaining and monitors expiration date

A reliable lab equipment purchase partner, Block Scientific offers attractive options for labs with budget constraints. In addition to great weekly deals and special offers, buyers can opt for reagent rental plans and purchase recertified laboratory equipment at prices much lower than new.

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