Blank Washing System can feed several press lines.

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Stand-alone Blank Washing System consists of conveyor belt that transports blanks through washer and lubricator, 2 high-speed shuttles, 4 blank carts that run on RoundTrack® in-floor rail system, and centering station. Detached configuration allows press line to run during washer stoppages. SRLS 2/120 material handling robots enable acceleration rates up to 1,120 m/s², velocities up to 5.5 m/s, and payload capacity to 150 kg. Transfer distances of 6.3 m can be achieved.

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ATR-Strohmann's Stand-Alone Blank Washing System Can Feed Several Press Lines At Once

Cambridge, Ont., Canada, June 2, 2004 - ATR-Strothmann has gone against conventional wisdom and taken the blank washing system out of the press line and placed it in a central location with excellent results, including improved capacity utilization and decreased capital investment. This detached configuration also allows for a build-up of buffer capacity, allowing the press line to run during washer stoppages For years, the typical press line has been laid out in a linear fashion that goes from destacker to blank washing/lubrication station to centering station to press feeder to press. ATR-Strothmann has discovered that by centrally-placing the washing/lubrication station -- depending upon the size of the blanks -- one system can potentially feed several press lines at once. ATR-Strothmann's blank washing system consists of a conveyor belt that transports the blanks through the washer and lubricator, two high-speed shuttles, four blank carts (two carts per shuttle) that run on ATR-Strothmann's RoundTrack® in-floor rail system, and a centering station. Key to this centralized washing station solution is the highly dynamic performance of SRLS ATR-Strothmann's SRLS 2/120 linear material handling robots, which enable acceleration rates up to 1120 m/s², velocities up to 5.5 m/s, and payload capacity of up to 150 kg.  Transfer distances of 6.3 meters can be achieved. The sequence of operation is straight-forward. While the first robot feeds the washing system, the second robot is responsible for stacking the blanks as they come out of the system. When a cart is completely loaded or unloaded, the feeder simply switches to the other side, thereby maintaining continuous operation. ATR-Strothmann develops and markets industrial automation, information and vision system solutions as well as manufacturing linear and rotary robotic components and systems used in handling of a variety of materials in multiple process applications. A subsidiary of G. Siempelkamp GmbH & Co. Group of Krefeld, Germany, ATR-Strothmann serves a global base of customers including Boeing, BMW, DaimlerChrysler, Coca-Colallins and Aikman, Ford, Magna, Molson Breweries, Procter & Gamble and Weyerhaeuser. Industry-Scope (Grand Blanc, Mich.), ATR-Strothmann's North American representative, is a strategic consulting, marketing communications and manufacturer's representative firm, focused on supplying the needs of automotive companies and their supply partners. For more information, visit Find more information on ATR at Find more information on Strothmann at For more information on Siempelkamp GmbH & Co. Group at

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