Black Oxide Finishing System features CNC operation.

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TRU TEMP® CNC non-polluting process uses integrated programmable hoist and tank to automatically process iron and steel components with black oxide finish. Operating as self-controlled unit, repeatable solution employs digital Allen Bradley PLC with manual joystick backup. It is supplied as standard with 110 gal tank line system that has output capacity of 4,000-6,000 lb per 8 hr shift. Process program handles up to 3 loads concurrently, with cycle time of 28 min.

Original Press Release:

Birchwood Casey Announces New Automated TRU TEMP® CNC Black Oxide Finishing System - Automatically Processes Finished Parts in 28 Minutes without Operator Attention

Eden Prairie, Minnesota: CNC (computer numerical control) has arrived for black oxide finishing using the patented and proven TRU TEMP® low temperature, non-polluting finishing process.

This new TRU TEMP CNC line utilizes an integrated programmable hoist and tank line to automatically process iron and steel components with a high quality black oxide finish. Designed to operate as a self controlled unit that eliminates the labor costs required with manual hoist lines, this CNC system is highly repeatable, eliminates process guesswork and has large output capabilities. A standard, 110 gallon tank line system has an output capacity of 4-6000 pounds per 8 hour shift. The system can be sized and configured to accommodate any volume of work or production circumstances.

Hoist and superstructure have a 500 lb. load capacity and operates by Allen Bradley PLC digital control with a manual joystick backup. Process tanks are extrusion welded, ¾ inch polypropylene with gusset supports under the top rim and perimeter girthing. Tanks have setdown saddles for automatically centering part loads accurately. Tanks can be laid out in two ways; with pickup and drop-off points at opposite ends of the line or with a single load/unload station with the hoist pickup and drop-off at the same point. The process program can handle up to three loads concurrently, for a maximum throughput of five loads an hour.

The TRU TEMP CNC hoist processes parts through the following station sequence: Station 1: Load Pickup; Station 2: Alkaline Soak Clean; Station 3/4: Double Counterflow Rinse; Station 4: Mild Acid Surface Prep; Station 5: Cold Overflow Rinse; Station 6: TRU TEMP Black Oxide; Station 7: Cold Overflow Rinse; Station 8: Rust Preventative Oil; Station 9: Load Dropoff. Process cycle is 28 minutes.

The TRU TEMP finish produces a satin black magnetite coating just 0.5 microns thick (20 millionths) with no effect on part dimension or material hardness. The finish withstands up to 100-200 hours of neutral salt spray (ASTM B 117) or several hundred hours of humidity (ASTMD1748), (verified by independent testing). The high level of corrosion protection is important for both part storage and shipment in corrosive atmospheres including ocean shipment.

Mark Ruhland, Birchwood Casey vice president reports, "CNC part finishing using the unique TRU TEMP process is now possible on any scale, large or small. Without adding labor, this new TRU TEMP system brings the many benefits of automated black oxide finishing to most manufacturers at no more than the cost of a small machining center."

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