BK-6223-TR Battery Contact is made of phosphor bronze with nickel plating.

Press Release Summary:

BK-6223-TR Battery Contact is available in tape and reel and is designed to be surface mounted on PCB. Unit is suitable for medical devices, laser pointers, Bluetooth headsets, LED penlights, glucose meters and blood pressure monitors. Product comes in 9.84 mm x 12.70 mm x 5.08 mm dimensions that reduces height/profile for SMT applications. Unit accepts AAAA batteries and offers a capacity of 500-600 mAh and is read as quadruple-A and do not require any tool to change battery.

Original Press Release:

New Compact Surface Mounting AAAA Battery Contact By Memory Protection Devices

Ultra compact surface mount contacts for AAAA batteries by Memory Protection Devices

Memory Protection Devices, Inc. expands its selection of available AAAA battery contacts. Newly released is AAAA battery contact part number BK-6223-TR. It is designed to be surface mounted on a pcb and to meet the application demands of portable equipment. Ultralight weight with exceptional strength this phosphor bronze contact is more than up to the job!

Standing just .388”H. (9.84 mm) x .0.50”L. (12.70 mm) x 0.20”W. (5.08 mm), this ultracompact contact design minimizes both height/profile and total footprint in SMT applications.

  • Surface mounting
  • Available in tape and reel
  • Accepts standard AAAA batteries
  • Low cost
  • Ultralight weight, low profile
  • Phos-Bronze with nickel plating overall
  • No tool necessary to change battery

AAAA batteries have 1.5 volt output like AA and AAA batteries have. Its small size is what sets it apart @ 42.5 mm long by 8.3 mm wide and weighs about 6.5 g. Typical capacity is 500-600 mAh or double what a CR2032 battery offers users.

AAAA batteries are ideal for medical devices, laser pointers, Bluetooth headsets, LED penlights, powered computer styluses, glucose meters, small headphone amplifiers and blood pressure monitors.

  • 1.5V alkaline cells, AAAA, E96, MX2500 and ANSI 25A
  • 1.25V for NiCd and 3.7V for Li-Ion
  • Usually read as quadruple-A

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