Biuret Micrometer helps monitor and maintain DEF quality.

Press Release Summary:

Part of ACUSTRIP QA On the Spot program, Biuret Micrometer and process measures presence of Biuret in DEF. Users extract 1 ML sample of DEF, place it into meter, insert test strip into reservoir and move it back and forth for 10 seconds. After user presses read, meter displays 0, .1, .2, .3, .4, .5 or greater % showing that service is needed above .3% per ISO 22241. Field testing supported with laboratory analysis helps users maintain quality of DEF in supply chain and identify issues early.

Original Press Release:

ACUSTRIP is Proud to Announce the Availability of the Biuret Micrometer

ACUSTRIP is proud to announce the availability of the Biuret Micrometer, the next DEF QA field test as part of the ACUSTRIP QA “On the Spot” program. The program incorporates field testing supported with laboratory analysis needed for manufacturers, jobbers, retailers, and end users to monitor and maintain the quality of the DEF in their entire supply chain; identifying issues early, thereby mitigating the impact of quality issues.

The patented Biuret Micrometer and process provides the means to measure the presence of Biuret in DEF. Simply extract a 1 ML sample of the DEF, place it into the Meter, insert the test strip into the reservoir moving it back and forth for 10 seconds, press read, and the Meter displays 0, .1, .2, .3, .4, .5 or greater % showing that service is needed above .3% per ISO 22241.

The Micrometer is the newest addition to the DEF Diagnostics product line joining the Hydrocarbon, Hydrometer, and Conductivity Pen tools. Additional field tests are planned.

For more information and product sales, please contact Ron Schornstein, President, at (973) 299-8237 or

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