BITZER Screw Compressors Selected for Yacht Chillers

Aqua-Air Manufacturing of Hialeah, Florida selected BITZER compact screw compressors for two 100-Ton, two-stage screw compressor chiller units for a chiller retrofit conversion project on a 230' Benetti Yacht built in 2000. DeWayne Nall, president of Aqua-Air, said BITZER screws were selected for their quiet operation and high-reliability in marine applications.

The chiller units' main components are two 50-Ton BITZER screw compressors, 75 HP variable frequency drives (VFDs), 60-Ton shell and tube condensers, 100-Ton two-circuit brazed plate evaporators and 50-Ton electronic expansion valves (EEVs). The capacity of each compressor is modulated through the use of four capacity unloaders. Each compressor can have its capacity reduced to a minimum of 12.5-Tons, which is 25% of its maximum output. As the chillwater loop further decreases in temperature the VFDs reduce compressor speed by 33%, reducing capacity to about 8.3-Tons.

The VFDs also provide for surge-less starting, and the current draw of the unit never exceeds its rated running amp draw. The unit is controlled by Aqua-Airfs PLC/Touchscreen System that was specifically designed for this project. Unlike a stationary application, the BITZER screw compressors are mounted at an angle to assure oil return under all sea conditions.

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Aqua Airfs major challenge was designing a chiller that could be disassembled at the plant, loaded into the Yacht through its engine room, and reassembled where the original open-drive chiller had been installed. BITZER's compact screw compressor geometry enabled the installing technicians to negotiate the tight quarters. When assembled, the OM100P2VGEK chiller unit is 116h long x 49h wide x 76h high and weighs approximately 5,500 lbs.

Aqua Air Manufacturing is the premier builder of Marine HVAC systems for Yachts. Located in Hialeah, Florida, Aqua Air builds chillwater systems for 60-400f yachts, DX split systems for 40-75f yachts, and self-contained units for 30-50f boats. Contact Aqua Air at 800-328-1043, email or visit

BITZER US, Inc. is a subsidiary of the BITZER Group of 36 companies. BITZER is the world's largest independent manufacturer of A/C and Refrigeration compressors with sales companies and production sites for reciprocating, screw, and scroll compressors as well as pressure vessels all over the globe. In 2014, 3,400 employees generated sales of 657 million euros.

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