Bitimec Installs Mobile Train Washing System at Amtrak St. Louis.

The NEW SEP-900 ASL, named in honor of ‘Amtrak Saint Louis’ is the first double brush mobile train washing machine ever built.

The new Bitimec SEP-900 ASL double brush system has been especially designed for washing Amtrak trains. Both brushes are adjustable in height and pitch, allowing the operator to adjust the machine to perfectly engage the contours of various railcars, either from track or platform level. New for 2013 is the Water Recovery System. As the on-board clean water is used, a special basin catches the run-off and pumps the dirty water back into an inflatable tank. A large portion of the used water and detergent are thereby recovered for proper disposal.

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About Bitimec.

Bitimec International in the United States, and Bitimec Srl in Italy produce patented, innovative industrial solutions in:

• vehicle washing – Speedy Wash; mobile, autonomous machines for washing large vehicles and trains

• utility vehicles – Politrac; 48Volt operated industrial extreme service tractors with multiple options for railway and airport service

• electric communications panels – for cellular towers

• city tramway controls – Pegasus; patented electric tension line monitors and signals for tramways world-wide

• uniform handlers – Triad uniform systems; as used from the Empire State building in New York, to the largest Hotel and Casino in the world (the Venetian in Las Vegas) for mechanized computer handling of employee uniforms.

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