Bit Inserts carry shock loads of impact drivers.

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Constructed using shock-resistant tool steel and induction heat treatment that allows differential hardening of shank body, Tensor® Bits Series can withstand impact shock loads generated by tip interface, with screw head farther down shank and away from head. Shaped shank bit inserts leverage flexural properties of steel itself to transfer load from tip to shaft, minimizing risk of bit faces shearing off and extending bit life.

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Grabber® Releases Tensor® Bits Series Designed to Carry the Shock Loads of High-Torque Impact Drivers

Highland, UT — Grabber® Construction Products, an international distributor of professional-grade fasteners and construction products including the LOX® bit drive system, introduces the next generation of bit driver technology: the new Tensor® bits series.

With power tools supplanting hand screwdrivers, most screws are driven either by professional screwguns, adjustable torque-setting screwdrivers or, recently, even higher torque-delivering devices like impact drivers. While screwguns and drills can deliver from 11 to 14 foot-pounds of torque, impact wrenches supply between 150 and 150,000 foot-pounds of torque using up to 1800 beats per minute to rotate the tool. High-torque bit drive systems like the Torx® and the even more powerful LOX® drive system now allow the generation of more than 130 pounds of torque to the recess of a screw.

But this increased power has created another issue: the insert bit has become the weak link in the system. With bit drive technology lagging behind the increased fastening power of high-torque impact drivers, more broken bits and more wasted time for contractors have resulted. Until now.

From Grabber®, the company that released the LOX® bit drive system, comes the Tensor® bits series of shaped shank bit inserts that can withstand the impact shock loads generated by tip interface, with the screw head farther down the shank and away from the head. To create the Tensor® series, Grabber® combined shank design geometries with more shock-resistant and durable tool steel and used proprietary induction-heat treatment that allows differential hardening of the shank body.

Leveraging the flexural properties of the steel itself to transfer load from the tip to the shaft reduces the risk of the bit faces shearing off, which means longer bit life and less chance of breakage. And using the Tensor® bits in a magnetic bit holder instead of fitting the screw bit directly into an impact driver shuck can result in more than 15 times longer use. A 2013 bit battle conducted by the online magazine Pro Tool Reviews compared nine different impact-rated bits driving 8 x 1¾-inch deck screws. Most averaged from 40 to 375 screws driven per bit, while the new Grabber® Tensor® Lox® bits drove more than 5,000 8 x 1¾-inch deck screws with a single bit.

For more information about the Tensor® bits series and the rest of Grabber®'s products, please visit or call 800-477-TURN (8876).

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