Bispecific Antibody Binding Data Generated Using Living Cells to be Presented at PEGS 2012

SAW Instruments' unique sam® Biosensors offer real-time, label-free kinetics on cells

Bonn, Germany - SAW Instruments, developer of the innovative sam® family of biosensors for real-time, label-free assays using living cells, will be exhibiting at this year's PEGS protein engineering meeting in Boston, USA from 30 April until 4 May 2012. SAW will showcase its new sam®X system (booth #12), which is optimised for more flexible and higher-throughput analysis. SAW Instruments has also been collaborating with Affimed Therapeutics, with researchers using a sam® biosensor to investigate the binding of Affimed's TandAb bispecific antibodies to malignant cancer cells. Uwe Reusch, Ph.D., Head of Cell Culture at Affimed Therapeutics, will present data in his talk "High Affinity CD3 RECRUIT TandAbs for T Cell-Mediated Lysis of Malignant CD19+ B cells", which is being held as part of the Antibody Stream (Wednesday 2nd May, 2.35pm) at the conference.

Dr Markus Perpeet, Managing Director of SAW Instruments, commented: "We are delighted that a customer of ours will share some of their latest high quality binding-affinity data, which is being generated with living cells using SAW's innovative sam® biosensor systems. Our proprietary Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology has significant advantages over traditional Surface Plasmon Resonance-based and other approaches, allowing users to generate real-time binding data using intact receptors on living cells, without having to worry about the unnatural effects caused by protein labelling, purification, solubilisation of receptors or fixing of cells."

Dr Perpeet will be joined by a new recruit to the SAW team who is responsible for the role of Field Application Scientist for the US East Coast and has recently joined the company as part of its continued expansion into the US market. As well as offering in-depth information on the applications and capabilities of the sam® range of systems, the team will be providing on-booth, personal user demonstrations of the sam®X. The new system features eight sensor channels and adaptable microfluidic routing, providing a flexible, higher-throughput option for studying binding events and protein conformational changes. Demonstration slots can be pre-booked at the contact page on the SAW website. Within the next month, SAW will also be announcing news of an exciting new customer promotion for the sam®X, full details of which can be found by visiting the company's booth at PEGS 2012.

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Surface Acoustic Wave technology is based on the ability of a wave of energy to travel across the surface of a material. Each surface has a typical inherent elasticity affecting the way the energy of the wave dissipates as it travels across the surface of the material being analysed. Thus, the nature of the surface in question, and therefore any changes to it, can be assessed by sensors monitoring the behaviour of the wave as it propagates across the surface. In particular, changes in mass result in alterations to the phase of the wave, whilst viscoelastic and conformational characteristics influence wave amplitude. The technology developed and employed by SAW instruments is capable of accurately interpreting this information in order to provide real time readouts measuring binding and conformational changes in the samples through which the wave passes.

About SAW Instruments GmbH

SAW Instruments GmbH designs, develops and sells biosensor-based laboratory instruments for life sciences research. The proprietary technology of SAW Instruments employs a Surface Acoustic Waves approach to biological measurement, rather than using traditional optical methods such as SPR. The technology is uniquely positioned compared to other biosensor technologies based on its ability to measure antibody binding to whole cells, protein small molecule binding in high DMSO, and conformational changes in proteins caused by ligand binding. In addition, the system is also capable of providing other industry standard measurements including those involving concentration, kinetics and affinity.

SAW instruments has more than ten years experience in the field of label-free biosensor technology and a number of our customers have successfully published work employing the platform. It is our goal is to continue to build on this experience, as well as to develop a family of workflow-driven products to further meet our customers' needs.

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