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Pallet trucks are used in commercial and industrial facilities to move pallets loaded with heavy materials. Although they are not motorized, they enable one person to easily move very heavy objects simply by wheeling them along a level surface. A pallet truck can be especially useful in tight spaces like the trailer of a transport truck where there is no room for a full-sized fork lift to maneuver. The handle of a pallet truck swivels 180 degrees, moving a central pivot wheel beneath it to allow for maximum maneuverability around corners. This movement makes it very easy to store a pallet full of goods up against a wall until it is needed.

The lifting mechanism of a pallet truck is either manually operated by pumping the handle to exert hydraulic force, or motorized with a set of controls on the handle that move the pallet forks up and down. In either type, there is a release switch the relieves the hydraulic pressure used to lift heavy pallets up, causing the pallet truck to slowly go down and return the pallet to a resting position on the ground. Pallet forks have to be maintained by keeping their pumps full of hydraulic fluid so that the forks do not sink back down when weight is applied to them. Lubrication should also be applied to the wheels of the pallet fork to keep it rolling and turning smoothly.

The forks of a pallet truck usually do not raise more than a few inches off the ground as their primary purpose is simply to move heavy pallets across the floor. If pallets need to be raised and stacked or loaded on to a truck, a fork lift is used because it can lift them much higher. Bishamon’s sturdy pallet trucks come in three different types, with weight capacities ranging from 2,500 pounds to our heavy-duty model with a capacity of up to 6,500 pounds. These products are all strong, easy to maintain, and highly reliable. Unlike a fork lift, a pallet truck will not break down or require costly engine maintenance to perform effectively. This means less down time for your business and less strain on your employees when heavy objects need to be moved. The simple but effective hydraulic power of a pallet truck makes it a must-have tool for daily lifting jobs in a busy workplace.

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