Bipolar Stepper Motors come in 10 mm and 20 mm diameters.

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Rated at 2.7 V, Model PFC10 features 1.0 mN-m holding torque, starting pulse rate of 960 pps, and 20 Ω resistance, while Model PFC20, rated at 8.9 V, provides 10 mN-m holding torque, starting pulse rate of 370 pps, and 100 Ω resistance. Both 2-phase, permanent magnet motors deliver 20 steps/revolution with step angle of 18°. Featuring thin stack design, Model PFC20T provides 4.4 mN-m of holding torque. Applications include valve control, fluid dispensing, gaming machines, and medical devices.

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Stepper Motors with 10mm and 20mm Diameters

Nippon Pulse has introduced two of its smallest stepper motors to date, the PFC10 and PFC20 2-phase, tin-can series. The PFC10 motor has a 10mm diameter and the PFC20 a 20mm diameter. Both motors are suited for design into systems requiring small motor solutions including valve control, fluid dispensing, gaming machines, and medical devices. Both motors come standard with connectors to ease the integration into systems.

A bipolar motor, the PFC10 offers 1.0mN•m of holding torque, a step angle of 18 degrees, a starting pulse rate of 960pps, 20 steps per revolution, a rated voltage of 2.7V, 20 ohm resistance, inductance of 3.2mH, and a rated current of 35mA/phase. The PFC10 stepper motor weighs just five (5) grams.

Also a bipolar motor, the PFC20 features 10mN•m of holding torque, a rated voltage of 8.9V, a rated current of 89mA/phase, a step angle of 18 degrees, 20 steps per revolution, a starting pulse rate of 370pps, resistance of 100 ohms, and inductance of 47mH. The PFC20 weighs 35 grams.

Nippon Pulse offers the PFC20 motor in a 'thin stack' design (PFC20T). The PFC20T offers 4.4mN•m of holding torque and a rated voltage of 8.7V. The PFC20T is 21.7mm in height while maintaining the 20mm diameter.

Features of Nippon Pulse 10mm and 20mm Steppers

•Â  1.0mN•m of holding torque on PFC10

•Â  10.0mN•m of holding torque on PFC20

•Â  4.4mN•m of holding torque on PFC20T

•Â  2-phase permanent magnet type steppers

•Â  20 steps/revolution, 18-degree step angle

•Â  Online datasheets for the PFC10 and PFC20


Modify Your Stepper Motor

Nippon Pulse offers 24-hour turnaround on our rotary tin-can stepper motors with custom options. Contact our sales engineering staff to learn more about the modifications we offer with a 24-hour turnaround. Those options include:

•Â  Variable shaft diameter (2mm, 3mm, 4mm)

•Â  Different magnet type (anisotropic ferrite, neodymium, isotropic ferrite)

•Â  Five different gear head options

•Â  Step angles of 3.75°, 7.5° and 15°

•Â  Sleeve or ball bearings

•Â  Shaft modifications (pulley, threaded, d-shaft, rear shaft)

•Â  Unipolar or bipolar windings

•Â  Many different options on custom lead wires


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