Biotin Labeling Kit biotinylates, measures with one reagent.

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ChromaLink(TM) Biotin Labeling Kit consists of biotinylation reagent with built-in measurement signature that comes as complete solution. Biotinylation reagent includes direct, non-destructive, UV measurement of incorporated biotin within single reagent. All necessary reagents are included, as well as foolproof protocol on flash drive. Provided with quantitative signal, water-soluble solution is mild on antibodies, does not require DMF, and labels 25 µg to 1 mg of antibody.

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SoluLinK Introduces ChromaLink(TM) Biotin Labeling Kit to Biotinylate and Measure with One Reagent

SAN DIEGO, Jan. 29 -- SoluLinK, Inc., a leader in biomolecular conjugation products and kits, announced the introduction of their newest product, the ChromaLink Biotin Labeling Kit, a biotinylation reagent with a built-in measurement signature that comes as a complete, easy-to-use kit. ChromaLink is an innovative biotinylation reagent that includes a direct, non-destructive, UV measurement of incorporated biotin within a single reagent.

-- Complete Kit: All necessary reagents included as well as a foolproof protocol provided on a flash drive
-- Built-in Quantitative Signal: Incorporated biotin quantified by simple absorbance -- no HABA or fluoro-reporter assay needed -- only a simple UV scan needed to measure
-- Versatile: Labels 25 micrograms to 1 mg of antibody
-- Safe and Economical: Water-soluble, mild on antibodies -- no DMF needed

"ChromaLink is the first in a line of our products designed to address existing market needs with effective technology, supplied in a complete, easy to use format. This line of products will provide complete assay solutions for specific market applications. SoluLinK's continuous and ongoing innovation of conjugation chemistry has provided significant contributions to our customers' and collaborators' ability to build greater value into their products. SoluLinK has established a strong leadership position in conjugation and continues to actively build, maintain, and manage our products and patented IP," observed Steve DeGraw, President of SoluLinK.

About SoluLinK

SoluLinK is a leader in the development of conjugation reagents, kits, and OEM services for the life sciences, diagnostic, and pharmaceutical communities. SoluLinK develops, manufactures, and markets bioconjugation products and services. Their proprietary bioconjugation linking chemistry is used to link proteins, oligonucleotides, peptides, and antibodies to each other or to a wide range of surfaces. Rapidly growing applications for SoluLinK's products include the conjugation of biomolecules for research assay, diagnostic, and pharmaceutical products. SoluLinK's proprietary ChromaLink Biotin Labeling Kit for biotinylation is one example. It is also the first product introduced from the pipeline of a new, easy to use kits that will help to enhance assay performance and measurement for customers in a broad range of large markets. SoluLinK markets these products both directly and through distributors and licensing partners world-wide. SoluLinK is a privately held company located in San Diego, California. For more information, please visit

CONTACT: Steve DeGraw of SoluLinK, Inc., +1-858-625-0670, fax, +1-858-625-0770,

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