Bioscrypt VissionAccess 3D Face Solution Selected for Online Child Identification System

Saferkidz captures 3D facial images to assist parents and police in finding missing children

TORONTO, April 24 - Bioscrypt Inc. (TSX: BYT), a leading provider of enterprise access control technology, today announced that Saferkidz has selected the Bioscrypt 3D face solution for their parent controlled online child identification system. The first deployment of the technology will be taking place at the U.S. Army's Fort Bragg in North Carolina.

No parent wants to think their child could go missing or be abducted but it happens 800,000 times a year in the United States, that's one child every 40 seconds. Although the first three hours after the child's disappearance are the most critical, police say it typically takes parents two hours to gather information on their missing child to deliver to them, the media and the concerned public. SaferKidz empowers parents to be prepared and enables crucial agencies to obtain the information they need in a timely way so the child can be found and returned safely.

The primary advantage of the Saferkidz system is the use of advanced 3D visualization technology that captures detailed facial images, which are far superior to flat 2D still pictures. Used in conjunction with information management tools to keep track of facts including addresses and phone numbers of friends and other places the children frequent, the collective information allows parents a greater capability to be prepared in advance of any crisis with the highest quality records required for relevant agencies to assist in recovery.

This information is literally at the parent's fingertip anytime an emergency may arise, accessible by their unique logon and password from anyplace that has an internet connection. In addition, there is an alert engine - KidzCast - that allows parents to pre-program who will get an alert should the child go missing and which of four levels of information will be sent.

"The ability to quickly deliver highly accurate, comprehensive identity information, including 3D facial images, to law enforcement agencies, the media and the general public drastically improves the potential of a child's safe return to their family," said Lawrence Schrank, founder of SaferKidz. "As we demonstrate the innovative 3D modeling system at Fort Bragg, we will be showing both local and federal law enforcement officials the significant value of this child identification resource."

Bioscrypt is providing Saferkidz with the ability to create an image combining the 3D facial representation of the child generated by its patented system that collects 40,000 measurable data points on the face with a traditional 2D full color picture. The result is high resolution color 3D model which provides a better image of the missing child than the 2D images typically available.

"This application of our technology is a strong example of how capturing biometric information can serve to increase the safety of our children and provide another tool to parents and families who are searching for a loved one," said Robert L. Williams, President and CEO of Bioscrypt. "We look forward to gaining positive results in the work being done at Fort Bragg and assisting Saferkidz extend the program across the U.S."

About Bioscrypt Inc.

Bioscrypt is an enterprise access control solution provider, enabling the unification of physical and logical access with its Door to Desktop® products. Bioscrypt's hardware and software solutions deliver strong authentication processes to facilities, equipment, IT networks and computer applications and allow organizations to administer unified identities across the enterprise.

Building on its proven expertise in biometric technology and its unique multi-factor authentication platform, Bioscrypt integrates all major secure authentication standards, transforming how organizations are bridging the gap between physical and logical access to create secure working environments. More information is available at

About Saferkidz

SaferKidz helps make our children safer by providing secure family accounts that provide a place for visual and biographic information in the event of an emergency. We offer the 2D Online Child Profile option as well as an upgrade to a full 3D enhanced version. More information is available at

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