Biopharma Industry Bioreactor incorporates smart features.

Press Release Summary:

Designed per such international standards as cGMP, GEP, and GDP, BioWiz Smart Bioreactor can help biopharma industry meet requirements of bio processes in laboratory, pilot, and commercial units. Golden Batch concept allows for real-time comparison of process parameters, and automation is provided via PLC-SCADA based system. Along with built-in safety parameters, features include Web-based remote monitoring capabilities.

Original Press Release:

Praj HiPurity Systems Introduces BioWiz Smart Bioreactor for the Biopharma Industry

MUMBAI -- Praj HiPurity Systems (formerly Neela Systems), Praj Group Company, introduced 'BioWiz' Smart Bioreactor, which will help the biopharma industry meet requirements of various bio processes in laboratory, pilot and commercial units. BioWiz Bioreactor benchmarks international standards and delivers superior operational features and advantages required in today's global pharmaceutical industry. The 'Smart' aspect of this Bioreactor lies in the various innovative and smart features.

Key features that distinguish BioWiz Smart Bioreactor by Praj HiPurity Systems (PHS):

- Cost effective design to meet the exact requirements of the pharma industry

- Designed as per International standards like cGMP, GEP and GDP

- 'Golden Batch' concept for real time comparison of process parameters

- Advance automation - PLC-SCADA based system

- In-built safety parameters

- Web-based remote monitoring

Commenting on the BioWiz Bioreactor, Mr. Gajanan Nabar, CEO and MD of Praj Industries and Mihir Mehta, BU Head of PHS said, "A well-engineered process solution plays a significant role in defining efficient functioning of the production facility. High Purity industries like pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, healthcare and cosmetics are characterized by stringent demands on sterile and hygienic design and engineering. Manufacturing systems are required to meet high-quality standards and guidelines set by international authorities like ISPE or ASME BPE. It is in this context that the BioWiz Smart Bioreactor has a major impact on productivity, quality and profitability of any manufacturing plant."

Apart from BioWiz Bioreactor, PHS also introduced new models of its 'Glacier' Water System. 'Glacier' is used to generate pure, sanitized water for pharma and biotech applications. Advanced features have been added to this system like 'one touch' sanitization operation, complete plug and play operation, easy access for O&M with reduced footprint.

Introducing 'Glacier' in its new Avatar, Mr. Nabar said, "This is the outcome of our continued R&D to offer best-in-class high purity water system with highest hot water sanitization cycles. It's plug and play feature saves time and energy."

More than 30 years of experience residing in Praj Industries, global process solutions company with specific strengths in fermentation and other unit processes, backed by a world-class biotech R&D facility, Praj Matrix and of its own vast experience and expertise in pharma and biotech accords Praj HiPurity an edge while offering process systems like the Bioreactor.

What is a Bioreactor:

Technically, a bioreactor refers to any manufactured or engineered device or system that supports a biologically active environment. In one case, a bioreactor is a vessel in which a chemical process is carried out which involves organisms or biochemically active substances derived from such organisms. This process can either be aerobic or anaerobic. These bioreactors are commonly cylindrical, ranging in size from litres to cubic metres, and are often made of stainless steel. A bioreactor may also refer to a device or a system meant to grow cells or tissues in the context of cell culture. These devices are being developed for use in tissue engineering or biochemical engineering. On the basis of mode of operation, a bioreactor may be classified as batch, fed-batch or continuous.

About Praj HiPurity Systems Limited:

Praj HiPurity Systems (formerly Neela Systems Limited) is a Praj Group Company. It offers complete solution for process and water to the pharma, biotech and cosmetics industry worldwide. With 2 decades of experience and more than 250 references to its credit, Praj HiPurity Systems has developed and successfully delivered solutions for the generation and distribution of various compendia waters, core process equipment and CIP and SIP of the plant.


ISPE: International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering

cGMP: Current Good Manufacturing Practice

ASME: American Society of Mechanical Engineers - Bio Processing Equipment

Praj Industries Limited: L27101PN1985PLC038031

For media enquiries contact:

Vinati Moghe,, +91-9822430906, VP, Corporate, Praj Industries

Sohini Dam,, Asst. Manager, Corporate Communication

Suman Sharma,, Metigon Enterprises

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